20 Ways To Know That You Are Obsessed With Camping and The Outdoors

Ways to Know You Are Obsessed with Camping and the Outdoors

Are you obsessed with camping and the outdoors? Consult our list below to find out.

 20 Ways to Know You Are Obsessed with Camping and the Outdoors

  1. When you go to Vegas, you scope out hiking trails.  Why else would you go to Vegas?
  2. You need a U-Haul to get all your camping equipment to your campsite.
  3. You think a SUV is meant to be driven in the woods.
  4. You have more pictures of wildlife than you have pictures of your family.
  5. You have children named Hunter, Brooke, Forrest, Bear or Buck.
  6. You have entries in your child’s baby book for when he learned to crawl, walk and traverse rocks, roots and dirt.
  7. You actually watch the Fishing Report.
  8. You are an expert… on socks.
  9. You have more caches than cash.
  10. College kids wish their kitchen was as well equipped as your outdoor kitchen.
  11. You spend your free time trying to beat your record at setting up the Coleman® Instant Tent.
  12. You are teaching your kids to make their own snow shoes.
  13. You like to bucket fish from your back porch.
  14. You decide to blog about it and ask your friends to call you by your blogger name.
  15. You would rather  be fishing than reading this blog. Actually, you would just rather be fishing, period.
  16. You think the “Camping Personality- What Type of Camper Are You” is the best blog post ever! Just kidding.
  17. Your friends think you’re crazy when you go on and on talk about hiking the Appalachian Trail. They’re all wusses anyway.
  18. You have a tent that is setup on top of your SUV.
  19. Your wife feels like a widow during hunting season and fishing season (fishing season is very long- Yehaw). It’s getting late. Did someone spike my Diet Coke?
  20. You actually think this blog is about you!

What else?  You know you’ve got another one…


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  1. Ha! So true!
    Steve Creek recently posted..Dove Riding the RailsMy Profile

  2. What a great list. Number 11 made me LOL and my co worker looked at me funny and number 17 is 110% me.
    Adam Nutting (@HikingTheTrail) recently posted..To Good To be TrueMy Profile

  3. Hahaha, number 8 is totally me! My obsession with socks started when I moved out to Denver and spent all my free time hiking. Gotta have good socks in the Rockies! :)
    Katie Boue recently posted..Why I’m dedicating my life to advocating for travel in America and the outdoor lifestyleMy Profile

  4. #4 is totally about me! (okay so is 1, 3, 6, 8, 10…) Great Post.
    Suzi recently posted..Adventures On the Back RoadsMy Profile

  5. I can see that. I love the pics you just posted on Adventures On the Back Roads. They are so relaxing…kind of mesmerizing.

  6. Deborah says:

    LOL…I can sooo relate to “20 Ways To Know That You Are Obsessed With Camping and The Outdoors”

  7. AustinBRC says:

    #17. Definitely. My husband grew up in the Appalachians and even HE thinks I’m nuts for wanting to thru-hike the AT. He says he’ll do it with me one day, but I think I may end up soloing it. :)

  8. OMG – This is SO ME!!!!!!! That’s why I started my company Not a Clue Adventures!

  9. I actually took a Uhaul trailer tent camping once. And lately my wife is the one going on and on about the AT. I guess this is us.

    • That’s funny. I always THINK… we have so much stuff we could use a Uhaul. A couple months ago I saw one at tent campsite. I laughed & pointed it out to my husband, but immediately began thinking…hmmm…wonder how much one of those would cost? :)

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