How To Go Geocaching Video

This video explains how to go geocaching. Now its time to get started! Read More

Camping With Toddlers : Don’t Forget The Pack ‘N Play

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We recently took our 3 kids tent camping.  Our youngest was barely over a year old.  Of course, this wasn't her first camping trip. Camping with toddlers is fun.  Our camping trip was perfect.  We were totally prepared.  The camping trip was incredible. NOT! Let's face it.  With kids, nothing Read More

Geocaching is Catching On

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Geocaching is really catching on.   Over 5 million people enjoy geocaching worldwide, even though geocaching was just introduced in the year 2000.   You won't believe who is geocaching now. Did you know the Boy Scouts of America now have a Merit Badge for geocaching?  This Merit Badge was Read More

What the Heck Is Geocaching

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If you have been involved in camping and outdoor activities all your life, you too may be asking, "What the heck is geocaching?'' Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt.  It's hiking on a mission. Geocaching (pronounced "geo cashing") is an outdoor activity in which participants use GPS Read More

Can You Set Up Your Tent in Less Than a Minute-These Guys Can Have you seen the Coleman® Instant Tent? Supposedly, you can set up this tent in less than 1 minute. Really?? I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these tents and see if their claims are true. So... I found a video of Read More

What Type of Campsites do Campers Choose?

What Type of Campsites Do Campers Choose? 64.5% Public Campsites 27.0% Private Campsites 4.2% Backyard Camping. 4.3% Event C4amping These results are based on the Special Report on Camping 2010. This was a Partnership Project of The Outdoor Foundation and Coleman Co.Inc. To view the Read More

Family Camping- Selecting Your Campsite

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If you enjoy family camping, the following scenerio is very familiar to you. It's Friday afternoon at 3pm. The kids have breezed in from school. Backpacks are put away. Snacks are waiting in the car. "Let's go! Let's move people!" The next 48 minutes are critical. Campers know that the Read More

Tent Camping Checklist

A successful camping trip requires preparation. I am including my Tent Camping Checklist to help you get prepared. The Tent Camping Checklist is a guide of supplies to bring on your next camping excursion. Camping trips are unique. Each camping trip may differ depending on the season, type of Read More

International Year of the Forests 2011


The United Nations General Assembly has launched a global campaign to bring awareness to how forests enrich our environment. The aim of the International Year of the Forests 2011 is for people worldwide to experience the forest and to understand how our vitality is linked to our eco-system. The Read More

Camping With Kids- Preparing for Camping Memories

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Camping with kids is a great way to strengthen your family and make lasting memories. Something magical happens when your kids put down the electronics, turn off the TV, and get back to nature. When the white static clears and your family goes green, your kids will have the opportunity to Read More

Coleman Prairie Breeze- Our New B.A.T.

Coleman Prairie Breeze

Have I told you about our new tent?  Our new camping tent ROCKS!  We named it the BAT because it is a Big Butt Tent.  Of course, Coleman® doesn't call it the BAT.  Coleman calls it the Coleman Prairie Breeze™.  I guess that's a nice tranquil name.  But did I mention that it is a 9 person tent?  Read More