Yurt Yearning

I am yearning for a yurt.  I admit it.  For some inexplicable reason, I am drawn to the idea of camping in a yurt.  I know it's crazy.  Here I am, a self-professed tent camper, but I can't get the yurts out of my mind. Have you seen the yurts?  The yurt is a permanent structure.  It features a Read More

The Latest Camping Gear is The Smart Phone

Cell phone reception by Andy Arthur

Have you been scouring the camping equipment stores looking for the latest camping gear? Well, actually, the newest gear isn't found in the camping equipment stores.  Where do you find it?  Well, you can find it online.  That's right.  Camping has gone high-tech.  The newest camping gear is the Read More

Tent Camping-State Parks

Tent camping is a great way to relax and connect with nature and your family.  If you are new to camping,  tent camping in a state park is an easy and inexpensive way to start your outdoor adventures.  A two day, weekend camping trip is a great way to ease into tent camping and build your Read More

Camping in Your Neck of the Woods

I spent my weekend doing research.  That's right.  I was camping! This past weekend was perfect for camping in Georgia.  A cool snap brought the temperatures down to a nice, comfortable level.    Not too hot during the day.  A little chilly at night. The fishing was good.  It was relaxing, Read More

Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles

Foam Floor Tiles

If you are looking for tent camping equipment for your family, there's plenty of options available in stores today.  Some camping supplies are specifically for camping such as propane griddles and sleeping bags. Some camping supplies are just regular household supplies remarketed to campers.   How Read More

September 11th: We Will Not Forget

God Bless The USA! Read More

Camping with Family

I love to camp. And camping has always been a part of my life. I love sleeping in tents. I adore fishing. I don't know that I am ever more at peace than at night when I am huddled around a campfire with my family. The thing I love the most about camping is the memories. I still remember Read More