Girly-Girl Quote

"Is it weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping?"  --  Jessica Simpson   Read More

Girly-Girl Camping Guide

Polka Dot Tea Party by Shandi-lee

Do you have a girly-girl friend that you would love to introduce to camping?  Most campers are so passionate about camping that they want to get their friends to camp also.  But how do you get a girly-girl out of the 5 star hotel and into the woods?  This Girly-Girl Camping Guide will expose some Read More

How to Build, Maintain and Extinguish Your Campfire

Campfire by MadMup

A campfire is an essential element to a great camping experience.   The campfire is a place to cook, warm up, hang out with friends and relax.  Today, we are discussing how to build, maintain and extinguish your campfire. How to Build a Campfire 1.  Find a place to build your campfire.   Some Read More

The Campfire : A Symbol of Strength and Beauty

Camping Photos 414

The campfire.  Nothing says camping like the campfire.  No matter what type of camping you prefer, the campfire is the common element.  The campfire means a lot of things, to a lot of campers. a place to cook meals and make delicious smores. a means of survival for someone lost in the Read More

Camping with Toddlers : Let The Adventure Begin

Camping Photos 389

Camping with toddlers and babies always adds an extra degree of difficulty when tent camping.  We are a camping family, so we wouldn't consider going camping without part of our family.  Having our family together is the most important part of the camping trip. Camping with toddlers can be an Read More

Camping Checklist : Camping With Baby and Toddlers

Camping Photos 400

  If you are planning to go camping with a baby or toddler, add this mini-checklist to your Tent Camping Checklist.   Preparation is the key to a successful camping experience.  Camping with the little ones is more challenging, but it's definitely worth it!   Camping Checklist: Babies Read More