Win More Great Outdoor Gear- Sea to Summit Week Starts Now

Our Spring Into Adventure Gear Giveaway is really heating up.  We have given away a lot of awesome gear the last couple weeks.  But don't you worry, that was just the beginning.   And if you haven't won yet,  there are still plenty of opportunities for you to enter to win some great outdoor gear.  Read More

Peep At Our Easter S’more Recipe

Shout out to Tammy K. who shared this fun Easter S'more Recipe with us on our facebook page.  Join us for all the fun on facebook. Easter S'more Recipe Allow your kids to pick out their favorite Peeps for this fun s'more recipe. Roast the Peeps over a campfire. Assemble.  Graham cracker- Read More

Favorite Campgrounds In Georgia

What is your favorite campground in Georgia?  I get asked this question a lot.  Of course, this is like asking me which of my children I love the most.  I cannot choose just one.  I enjoy different campgrounds for different reasons.   And so, I will share with you my three favorite campgrounds in Read More

Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent- Solar Tent That Glows

The Orange Chill 'N' Charge Tent is a Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent.  I've been seeing pictures of this solar tent circulating on the web, but it has only been a picture.  Well, that just leaves too many unanswered questions for me. How do you utilize the solar power in the tent? Where do I Read More

Campfire Roasted Potatoes Recipe- Tasty Camping Side Dish

  For a tasty camping side dish, try my Campfire Roasted Potatoes Recipe. Cook these potatoes in aluminium foil right over the campfire. Easy preparation. Easy cooking. Easy cleanup. Are you starting to see a pattern here?  And how do they taste?  Delish. Print Campfire Roasted Potatoes Read More

SURVIVAL Week- Spring Into Adventure Gear Giveaway

Our Spring Into Adventure Gear Giveaway is still underway.  COLD Week has officially ended.  Congrats to our winners,  Jim and Melynie.  Hope ya'll enjoy all that great gear! If you didn't win during COLD Week, don't worry.  We are just moving into week 2 of our 5 week massive gear giveaway.  This Read More

Pollen Count Is Up- Don't Get Squirrelly

Wordless Wednesday   Read More

Alyssa Erickson On Adventuring In The Outdoors With Kids

Alyssa Erickson from joins us today on Trailblazer Tuesday and talks with us about adventuring in the outdoors with kids. Alyssa Erickson is a Jesus lover, wife, mom, rock climber, skier, and all around adventure lover with a passion for writing.  She has a B.A. in English Literature Read More

Planet Gazing- See Venus And Jupiter Now

Star gazing is a wonderful part of camping.  If you are camping this month, you may also do a little planet gazing.  Venus and Jupiter are very visible in the night sky throughout the month of March.  Right now, they are more noticeable than they have been in two years.  And they are visible to the Read More

S'more St. Patrick's Day Desserts

Today, we have more St. Patrick's Day desserts for you.  Our S'more Search 2012 took a detour last week when our Minty S'mores went up in flames (literally).  They were not a complete flop, they are just better suited for high end campers and glampers that enjoy flaming desserts. Of course, you guys Read More

Cold Week Is Here- Enter to Win and Get in Gear

      UPDATE:  The COLD Week Contest is officially over.  Scroll down to the Rafflecopter to see if you won.  Congrats to our winners!   And don't forget, SURVIVAL Week starts now!  Sign up to win more great gear! Cold Week is here. Who wants to win some gear?  The wait is over.  Read More