Beyond Coastal Sun Care- Product Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Beyond Coastal Sun Care products which include sunscreens and lip balms.  I readily agreed to review the products, because with a fair complected family of 5, I know a little about sunscreen.  We spend a lot of time outdoors and we use a massive Read More

RoadCeo's Quick Spaghetti Sauce Recipe- Delicious Camping Recipe

Welcome back to another edition of Trailblazer Tuesday, where we talk with an outdoorsman or woman about their passion for the outdoors and nature.  We have a real treat for you today.  Our featured Trailblazer will be sharing his favorite camping recipe- the RoadCeo's very own Quick Spaghetti Sauce Read More

My Love-Hate Relationship With Technology

As a camper and a mom, I have a love-hate relationship with technology.  Advances in technology leave me thinking where would we be without it and how will we survive with it? The same technology that we try to get away from while camping, could save your life in the same camping trip.  (Yodel app Read More

Goodnight Moon- Goodnight Dear Friends

Read More

The Campy Mom and Friends Host The Spring Into Adventure Gear Giveaway

Spring is just around the corner.  Flowers are starting to bloom and the days are getting longer.   Say goodbye to cabin fever and hello to more outdoor adventures!  It's time to gear up and get out.  Maybe I can help a little with the gear up part. For the first time ever here at A Little Campy, Read More

Minty S’more Recipe- Get Fired Up For St. Patrick’s Day

S'more Search 2012 continues with our Minty S'more Recipe.  Minty S'mores are just a little twist on the Original S'more Recipe.  The mint is brought into the recipe by simply changing one item on the s'more. Minty S'more Recipe Our Minty S'more Recipe uses a chocolate mint marshmallow in place of Read More

7 Reasons You Should Consider Yurt Camping

Yurt Camping

Reasons to Consider Yurt Camping Easy pack up and set up.  You don't have to bring nearly as much equipment when camping in a yurt.  Since it is furnished you don't have to bring all your inflatable mattresses.  You do need to bring your own bedding.  The heater is built in, so there is not need Read More

Lagniappe- Like Finding A Twenty In Your Pocket

Who wants a little lagniappe?  What's lagniappe?  Lagniappe (lan-yap) is something extra.  We use this word a lot in Louisiana (where I grew up). Lagniappe is when you get all that and a bag of chips. It's when you find a twenty in your pocket. It's a BONUS, baby!! Doesn't everyone want a little Read More

Search for The Ultimate S'more Begins With The Original

Who doesn't love s'mores?  My kids do not consider it camping unless we have s'mores.  This is interesting because of all the camping trips from my childhood, I can't remember making s'mores over a campfire until I had kids. But now s'mores are a staple.  We've been talking on A Little Campy's Read More

Perfect Picnic- Beautiful Scenery, KFC and FDR

This past weekend, my family enjoyed the perfect picnic.  We hadn't planned it that way, in fact, we hadn't planned to picnic at all. So here's the back-story.  We had been camping at F.D. Roosevelt State Park.  You may remember from your American History class that Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered Read More