Discussion- Don’t Let ‘em BUG You

Insect Gathering by Michaelaw via stock.xchng

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Camping and Lightning Safety

Lightning by Rick Lipscomb

This Trailblazer Tuesday, we are talking about camping and lightning safety with the National Weather Service's lightning expert, John Jensenius.  In fact, he is sharing some lightning safety tips that may shock you. As you know, on Trailblazer Tuesday we interview an outdoorsman or woman about Read More

Savory Summer Salad- Spinach and Grape Salad Recipe

Orange and Grape Spinach Salad

Today's Spinach and Grape Salad Recipe is a savory, summer salad.  In fact, this is one of my favorite salads.  This spinach salad is perfect for a summer cookout, side dish to serve at the campsite or even a fabulous salad for a dinner party.  The toasted almond slivers add the perfect amount of Read More

Discussion- How Far Would You Go For an Incredible Camping Trip

The Long Road to Camp by Jen Robinson

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Quirky Camping Tents To Make Backyard Camping Epic

watermelon field candy

Make backyard camping epic with these quirky camping tents. These tents may appear to be more fun than function, but don't let their over-the-top style fool you. These are real tents- with real attitude. FieldCandy Tents are super cute 2 man tents with fun designer looks. But these tents are Read More

Compulsive Camper Quiz

Compulsive Camper Quiz

Are you a compulsive camper?  Take our quiz below to find out. To find out if you are a compulsive camper, read the scenerios below and determine how many apply to you. ◊  You have a box packed in the garage so you are always prepared for an emergency.  Your buddy calls and wants to meet you at Read More

Reasons To Love Camping Dads

Fathers Day Pic

There are so many reasons to love camping dads.  They pitch the tents, untangle fishing lines, protect their families from the noises in the night, build the campfire (and incessantly poke it), skip rocks like a pro and so much more. But don't take my word for it.  This Father's Day we decided to Read More

Great American Backyard Campout- Getting Families Camping


  The Great American Backyard Campout is this Saturday.  On this night,  there will be families camping in their own backyards, as well as campgrounds and in the back country. The Campout is the signature event of the National Wildlife's Federation's Be Out There Movement.  Their goal is Read More

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Morning Dew

Blue flower covered in morning dew

The morning dew... on a blue hydrangea.  This plant has been in my family for years.  The hydrangea was in my great-grandmother's yard.  Over the years, people have taken cuttings from this plant.  This is a picture of the blue hydrangea that grows in my yard.  This hearty plant that has stood the Read More

Camping Quick And Easy- Tips For Spur Of The Moment Camping

Family Camping Tent

Sometimes you plan a camping trip months ahead of time.  Other times the opportunity arises at the last minute.  Are you prepared to go camping quick? Today we have a guest post from Lacey Bishop. This camping mom shares her tips on spur of the moment camping.  She gives a step by step look at how Read More