Duct Tape’s New Image- More Uses, Crafts and A Boat

Duct Tape Uses

What's up with duct tape? The fix-all for the past 70 years has new uses including crafts and fashions.  Can you believe it? And that's not all.  This decidedly manly tape has dropped its cold grey image.  Well, it's still available in grey, but now you can also find it in bright colors and crazy Read More

Discussion- What Floats Your Boat?

floating boat

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How to Choose a Sleeping Bag- Infographic

How to Choose the Perect Sleeping Bag

Many campers wonder how to choose a sleeping bag.  Today, we have an infographic to help you understand sleeping bags.  Because, let's face it, your choice of sleeping bag can make or break your camping trip.  Other than your tent, your sleeping bag is the most important piece of camping gear that Read More

Reasons to Take a Guided Hike- Featuring Panola Mountain State Park

Ranger Guided Hikes are wonderful for families

Have you considered taking a guided hike with your family?  We recently took a guided hike through Panola Mountain State Park in Georgia.  It was a wonderful experience.  I would recommend a guided hike for families who would like to get a little more out of their hike. Reasons to Take a Guided Read More

Discussion- The Perfect Day at the Campsite

Family Camping

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Becky’s Cost Saving Camping Tip- Reader Submission

Tent Camping Blog

If you are looking for a good cost saving camping tip, we have one for you today.  This camping tip is a reader submission.  We love that our readers are willing to share what works for them on their camping trips.  Maybe this cost saving tip will come in handy when preparing for your next camping Read More

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Sand, Salt and Sun

Beach life

How does the beach-- sand, salt and sun affect a family of five? Well, I am researching that very question right now.  So far, the effect has been very positive. The kids are very excited when they are at the beach.  With all the swimming, running, and playing my kids are happily exhausted when Read More

Discussion- How Do You Schedule Meal Times While Camping?

Camping Food

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Family Camping- Camping Kids Love Bedtime

Best Shadow Show

Our camping kids love bedtime at the campsite and yours can, too.  Check out these tips for family camping. Tips for Easy Bedtimes for Camping Kids Allow your kids to help setup their beds (inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, etc...).  Kids love helping out and feeling independent.  Read More

Glampers Dream- Fanciest Camping Tent Trailer Ever


Glampers will be amazed when they see this luxury camping tent trailer.  If you are looking for glamorous camping, this is it.  The Opera is an amazing camping innovation. The Opera resembles the Sydney Opera House.  It is gorgeous and airy looking on the outside, with incredible features on the Read More

Wordless Wednesday- Happy 4th of July!

American Flag

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