New Glow in the Dark Kayak Has Plenty of WOW Factor

Glow in the Dark Kayak

Have you seen the new glow in the dark kayak?  Well, it's just as cool as it sounds. Jackson Kayak just released its illuminati glow in the dark fishing series.  These fishing kayaks are available in a new color option- illuminati.    To reach an optimal glow, "charge" the canoe with any light Read More

Camper Profile- Who’s Camping?

Camper Profile

Today, we are taking a close look at campers.  What do we really know about the people who camp overall. Who's Camping? Camping stereotypes have campers pegged as Grizzly Adams type people or retirees in RV's.  Of course, we all know better than to buy into that. Did you know that almost 43 Read More

Our Favorite Waterfall Hike- Surprising But True

Anna Ruby Falls

We recently camped in the North Georgia mountains and went to visit a beautiful waterfall.  Anna Ruby Falls is actually twin falls located north of Helen, just outside Unicoi State Park in the Chattahoochee National Forest. This rare double waterfall is formed by Curtis and York Creek from Tray Read More

Top Reasons To Love Fall Camping

Fall Camping

Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids.  To me, there's nothing better. Reasons To Love Fall Camping Gorgeous scenery.  The backdrop for camping doesn't get any better than this.  Beautiful foliage in orange, yellow and red float gently to the ground like brightly colored Read More

13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak- Infographic

zombie survival gear

This infographic was shared with us by REI.  They are very creative, aren't they?  Of course, I have most of these items already in my camping supplies.  So I guess I am prepared for a zombie apocalypse or just a really fun time hanging out with other walkers-- I mean...hikers.  I did notice they Read More

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Fall Slowly Creeps In

Fall Slowly Arrives in Georgia

Fall is slowly creeping in here in Georgia.  The leaves seem to be taking their time about changing colors. Maybe it just seems that way because I am anxiously awaiting the transformation. This photo was taken in the North Georgia Mountains about a week and half ago. I'll see ya by the Read More

Great Camping Compromise in Divided Families

Camping Compromise for Non-campers

Are you part of a divided family?  Does your family consist of campers and non-campers?  Today we are discussing the great camping compromise in these divided families. Jenny left this comment on our blog, My husband & son are big into camping, especially my son for some reason.  He keeps Read More

A Little Campy’s Top 10 Posts

Top 10 Posts on A Little Campy

Camping Personality- What Type of Camper Are You?  A tongue-in-cheek look at the various personalities found while camping-- from Adventurer Camper to the Camping Diva and everything in between.  Read more...   20 Ways to Know You Are Obsessed with Camping and the Outdoors.  Are you Read More