DIY Tent Trailer

DIY Camping Tent Trailer

Let's face it.  Most campers know how to think outside the box.  It's part of the camping experience.  We try to do more with less.  So, when I came across this DIY tent trailer during a recent camping trip, I couldn't help but smile. Sure these folks could've bought a tent trailer but that would Read More

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Perfect Picnic Spot

Cumberland Gap National Park Picnic

Doesn't this look like the perfect picnic spot?  Can't you just imagine throwing a blanket on the ground and sharing a picnic basket full of goodies and an afternoon with someone you love?  Or maybe you would prefer just spending some alone time under this tree with a good book.  Oh, the Read More

Are You a Mosquito Magnet? -Infographic

Mosquito Repellents

Are You A Mosquito Magnet infographic   Read More