Almost Wordless Wednesday-Camping Families Are Well-Rounded

Camping Families are Well=Rounded

Did you know that camping families are well-rounded?  Of course you did!  So today, on Almost Wordless Wednesday, we are discussing some of the cool attributes of camping families. Camping families are DIY'ers.  We love finding easy, efficient and economical ways to enjoy the outdoors.  Most of Read More

Hawaiian Burger Recipe for Camping

Hawaiian Burger recipe

Our Hawaiian Burger recipe is easy, unique and delicious.  It makes a wonderful addition to our list of camping recipes. Our Hawaiian Burger recipe was created by my hubby for our 4th of July cookout when he noticed King's Hawaiian Hamburger Buns in our grocery store.  From there, the idea took Read More

A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team

A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team

Today, I am introducing A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team.  I'm so excited about this project as we use our Little Campy Community to do more than educate, inform and entertain.  Now, we can use our community to make a difference in our world. Lightning bugs are little camping mascots Read More

Yurt Alert- Camping Fun Ahead

Yurt Camping

Today, we are issuing a yurt alert.  That's right, camping fun is ahead.  So if you have been considering yurt camping, proceed with caution unbridled enthusiasm! What is a yurt, you ask.  Well, a yurt is a permanent structure made of wood and canvas.  I like to say it is a cross between a tent and Read More