Almost Wordless Wednesday-Camping Families Are Well-Rounded

Camping Families are Well-Rounded

Did you know that camping families are well-rounded?  Of course you did!  So today, on Almost Wordless Wednesday, we are discussing some of the cool attributes of camping families.

Camping families are DIY’ers.  We love finding easy, efficient and economical ways to enjoy the outdoors.  Most of the time that means watching for sales and coming up with some clever ideas on how to replace expensive gear and make camping more enjoyable (have you seen my post on Foam Floor Tiles for Camping). Sometimes, you just have to make it yourself.

As you know, camping is a gateway activity.  Basically, camping leads to other enjoyable outdoor activities.  Outdoor activities are as diverse as campers themselves.  Whether your family enjoys hiking, fishing, boating, or outdoor photography depends on your personality.  But we agree on one thing– that camping is a great way to enjoy these activities.

Camping helps our kids feel capable and confident.  Teaching kids how to pitch a tent, fish and cook over a campfire are great ways to build confidence and independence in children (with supervision obviously).

Of course, what is good for our kiddos inspires us as well.  Haven’t you ever pitched a tent in the rain and felt a little bit of euphoria when you finally got it set up?  You feel like celebrating.  And you feel strong.  You feel like Dirty Harry in flip-flops.  Well, don’t cha, punk…?  Sorry, I got a little carried away, but you get the jest.

At the end of the day, camping families know how to cook outdoors, enjoy sleeping under the stars and when our camping trip is over, we all go back to our lives of car-pooling, corporate America and Science Fair Projects.  But that’s okay.  We can handle it.  Did you see how we set up that tent in the rain??

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Speaking of camping families, did you know that a bunch of us get together to chat on Twitter every Wednesday afternoon?  It’s our Outdoor Families Chat.  The fun starts at 4:30 EST.  #OutFam  We’d love to have ya join us!

Now it’s your turn.  What do you think?  Do you feel that camping families are well-rounded?  How so?

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Loves tent camping and fishing with her husband and three crazy, camping kids. It's all fun & games until someone leaves the tent unzipped...

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  1. Nice work! I grew up with Dirty Harry and love the reference. As for putting your tent up in the rain, well…..I live in Oregon so enough said. Also, thanks for the heads up on the outdoor familiy chat today. I will try and break away from work for a bit.

    I have not done a twitter chat yet. Is there anything special I need to do?

    • Great question. To join the Twitter chat, just go to Twitter and discover #outfam. Some names will show up, but just ignore and enter. Now you see all the tweets with #outfam.

      During the chat, the tweets will be changing quickly as people tweet. To join in, just type #outfam after each tweet.

      Other tips for Twitter chat– Some people like to pull it up in HootSuite. The host will ask questions Q1. I like to RT the question to my followers & then type an answer A1 (#outfam).

      BTW– Today’s Topic on #OutFam is Multi Outdoor Activities.

      Thanks for stopping by, Dave. I’ll talk with you this afternoon on Twitter.

  2. Camping families definitely need to be more versatile. Our last big camping trip we tented through a few storms. We had to find something to keep us busy, while we rode the storm out. We also had to keep our stuff dry as rain leaked in the corners of our tent, lol!
    Camping has always brought great memories into my life, as a child and now with my children.
    The twitter chat sounds fun! I might have to check it out.

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