Amazing Cricket Tells The Temperature- Outdoor Fun for Kids

Amazing Cricket Tells TemperatureToday, we are joined by an amazing cricket– Clyde the Cricket tells the temperature outside.  Haven’t you been outside and wished you knew the temperature?  Well, now all you have to do is ask Clyde the Cricket. Technically, all crickets are able to predict the temperature, but don’t tell Clyde.  It would be a huge blow to his self-esteem.

Predicting the temperature using crickets is a fun activity and learning experience for kids.

How  a Cricket Tells the Temperature

Crickets are cold-blooded.  They take on the temperature of their surroundings.  The temperature around them affects how fast they chirp.

** This only works at temperatures from 55-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Outside of that range, crickets have nothing to sing about (just an expression- we all know crickets don’t actually sing).

This is not new information.  Articles have been published about this since the 1800’s in publications such as the Farmer’s Almanac.

How to Determine the Temperature Based on Crickets’ Chirps

When you are outside and you hear crickets chirping, look at your watch or set a stop watch.

Count the chirps for 14 seconds.  Add 40.  This gives you the degrees Fahrenheit.

Tf = N14 + 40

To get the degrees Celsius, count the number of chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3 and add 4.

You will be shocked and amazed by the accuracy of Clyde the Cricket and his little friends.  In fact, your child can even use this information to develop a Science Fair Project.  For more information, click here.

So the next time you are sitting around a campfire with your kids, see if you can determine the temperature.

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


Have you ever determined the temperature by listening to crickets chirp?

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