Amberr Meadows' Journey- Georgia, Nature and Following Her Dream

Welcome back.  It’s time for another Trailblazer Tuesday, when we talk with an outdoorsman or woman about their passion for the outdoors and nature.

Today’s Trailblazer is Amberr Meadows from

Tell us a little about yourself, Amberr.  I am a writer and editor with a passion for blogging, travel, reading, and social media.  I am currently working on my first novel, and when I am not writing, I love to visit and photograph the most beautiful places in Georgia.

My professional background is in mortgage finance and corporate marketing, but after several years as a mortgage banker, I opted to escape the corporate clutches and answer my creative calling as a writer in 2010.  I still have no idea where the path will lead me, but I put emphasis on enjoying the journey and not obsessing over the destination.

It sounds like you have made the decision to actively pursue your dream.  I admire that.  Let’s talk a little about the outdoors.  Do you camp?  What is your favorite type of camping?  I do not camp often, but when I do, I prefer tent camping with an air mattress and warm covers.  I always make sure to take extra toilet paper.

Smart woman!  What is your other favorite outdoor activity?  Hiking.

How long have you been camping and hiking?  15 years.

How did you get interested in camping?  I’ve always been a lover of nature, and I discovered early on that the best way to enjoy nature is to get out and experience it directly.

How has your life/behavior changed because of this activity?  My weight has improved, and I am very mindful of the fragility of various ecosystems.

With whom do you share your love for the outdoors?  I share my love of the outdoors with my husband, but my five year old is a “nature lover” in training.

Describe your worst hiking trip.  My husband and I went hiking in North Georgia to find an elusive waterfall with no marked trailhead.  We hiked for two hours without finding anything and turned back around before we got lost.  Very frustrating.

That had to be very disappointing.  Will you give our readers a hiking tip?  When you go hiking, make sure to take triple the water you think you will need.

Thanks for coming by Amberr.  I really enjoy your blog, especially all the great pictures of  Georgia.  We appreciate you joining us today around the campfire.

Now it’s time for our Silly Question Sendoff.  What is your favorite 80’s song?  Major Tom.

Now it’s time for you, our readers,to answer our Silly Question as well.  Tell us your favorite 80’s song in the comments below.   And then, head on over to Amberr’s blog at and give her a virtual high five– in the form of a comment.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


If you would like to be a featured Trailblazer, send me a note through my contact page.  Tell me a little about yourself and your outdoor experience.

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  1. Campy Mom says:

    Favorite 80’s song. It’s so hard to pick. I like Pat Benatar’s Love is A Battlefield. I also like the bands Def Leppard and Poison. I think I wore out a cassette tape of Def Leppard in the 80’s. :)

  2. Favorite 80’s song. It is hard to pick but the one that stands out most to was Urgent by Foreigner, I blew out two sets of speakers in my truck rockin to that song.
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