Amelia Mayer on Sharing Winter Outdoor Activities With Kids

On this week’s Trailblazer Tuesday you will meet a very interesting outdoors woman who enjoys many winter outdoor activities.  It takes more than a little snow to keep this woman from getting outside with her husband and two young children.

Today’s featured Trailblazer is Amelia Mayer from

Amelia Mayer is a big advocate of getting families (even with young children) outside and active.  She and her husband carry their boys on their backs (or in the Chariot) while skiing, hiking, biking and exploring.  Their family has a “rule” of 15 minutes of outside a day, no matter what the weather is (with a few exceptions, of course).  They believe it makes them happier and healthier people.  Amelia writes about her own family adventures over at Tales of a Mountain Mama to help inspire other families.  She also frequently has guest bloggers, does gear reviews and giveaways and shares healthy recipes fit for an outdoor family.

Welcome to the hot seat, Amelia.  Let’s get right to the questions.  Do you camp?  What is your favorite type of camping (tent, RV or cabin)?  We love to camp!  Currently, we stick to tent camping, but with kids the thought of a pop-up camper (as rudimentary as that may be) has crossed our minds.  We tend to try to beat the heat and mosquitoes and do a lot of fall camping, so it can certainly be cold in the Wyoming mountains!

What is your other favorite outdoor activity?  I love to ski, especially cross country and back country skiing.  And you will find me biking and hiking as much as I can all summer long!

How did you become interested in camping and skiing?  I have been doing it my whole life.  Growing up in Alaska means it’s hard to avoid an outdoor lifestyle.  But, my parents were also great about getting us out there!

With whom do you share your love for the outdoors?  My husband is incredible about challenging our entire family to get outside, despite the inconveniences of doing so with two boys under three.  He is often hauling 60+ pounds of kids behind him in the Chariot as he skis, or at least our 35 pound toddler (plus all that kid gear…).   As a married couple, we find ourselves most connected when we are out there enjoying nature and unplugged from the distractions at home.  We hope to share that love and freedom with our kids by taking them most everywhere we go.  We want them to love being outside and find freedom in knowing themselves through their adventures!  So far, they are certainly catching on (and we are thrilled)!

Describe your most memorable camping trip.  When I was in high school, I had a chance to backpack the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska with my parents and one of my brothers (plus a bunch of other people).  It is an amazing trail full of varying terrain, old artifacts and stunning views.  The bummer thing was our family shared one big tent (we all carried parts of it) and it was a race every night to fall asleep before my Dad (who snores. Loudly).  It was definitely a memorable adventure that I hope to someday  do again with my own family.

That sounds like a great memory.  What is your favorite outdoor gear?  This is really simple, but I have a Buff Original Headband that I wear all the time.  In the winter, it provides some ear protection from the cold, in the summer hiking and running I can get it wet to help cool down and when camping, it is my best defense against no-way-am-I-doing-my-hair-while-camping motto.

Now that is a versatile headband!  Thanks so much for spending time with us around our campfire.  Come back anytime.  But before you go, it’s time for our Silly Question Sendoff– What was your worst hairstyle?  Totally had the “wave bangs” back in the 90’s.  I thought I was soooo cool.  And I am pretty sure that I had those bangs a year longer than everyone else did…

HaHa!  That’s great!  Now it’s time for you, our readers, to answer the Silly Question Sendoff.  And don’t forget to head over to Amelia’s site, Tales of a Mountain Mama and give her a virtual high five– in the form of a comment.

Silly Question Sendoff– What was your worst hairstyle?

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


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  1. Great start to a Tuesday – great interview Tiffany, great stories Amelia :D
    Suzi recently posted..We are ExplorersMy Profile

  2. Worst hairstyle– it seems I may have done a little hair krimping in high school. Yes, I was cool!

  3. zencamperwes says:

    Great interview!

    Once, in college I let myself get talked into a spiral perm. I had nearly waist-length naturally wavy hair. The stylist said it would create soft curls. No so! I had a long frizzy near-afro for months.

    I also had the Farrah wings in high school–but that was cool.

    • Oh, yes. The Farrah wings- had those :) I remember you had to “train” your hair for the wings. What was that all about?

  4. I missed camping! How I wish my family will also be able to do what Amelia enjoyed as a teen and is planning for her own family.
    Evita recently posted..child bean bagsMy Profile

  5. Michael & Donna Douglas says:

    Mike sez: I got a perm once. Bozo the Clown didn’t have nuttin on me!!! Think the pictures have been destroyed…or somebody has them in a safety deposit box for blackmail at a date to be determined…

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