Are You a Mosquito Magnet? -Infographic

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Tiffany loves tent camping and knows how to bait a hook.

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  1. Very myth busting post, I like it! I was in the Amazon jungle doing a “Jungle hike” and the mosquitoes were enormous, the guide told us they liked me because my hair was black. They swarmed around my head and my cousins rear end (she was wearing black pants). I thought they were joking but I guess they weren’t!

  2. Dianne Edwards says:

    As an “old” blonde, I have always had my share of mosquitoes. I have found something that works (for me at least). Two weeks before we go camping, I take a vitamin B complex tablet every day. There is something in vitamin B that when secreted through our skin repels mosquitoes. Sure, I also slather myself with repellant, but I am rarely bothered by ‘skeeters. Hope it works for others!!

  3. Blonde’s are more attractive to mosquitoes? No wonder I always get bit. Very interesting. Some good tips, I will try peppermint oil next time, that’s one of the few natural remedies I have yet to try. Another one to try is keeping fabric softener sheets in your pockets. It works not too bad… if you can handle the smell yourself.

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