ATVCamper's Favorite Camping Equipment And The Great Story Behind It

Welcome back to our new Trailblazer Tuesday Series, where each week we feature a different outdoorsman or woman. We talk to them about how they became passionate about the outdoors.

Last week was our first Trailblazer Tuesday and your response was over-whelming.  Apparently, you guys enjoyed Adam’s story as much as I did.  Well, this week’s Trailblazer shares his favorite camping equipment and the cool story behind it.  When I first heard it, all I could think was “Wow, how neat is that?”   I  know, sometimes my random thoughts come up short on adjectives, but you get the idea.

Today’s Featured Trailblazer is ATVCamper from

ATVCamper loves camping but he believes getting to the campsite is part of the adventure , whether it’s by foot, mountain bike, all terrain vehicle (ATV), motorcycle or full size vehicle.  His outdoor adventure began over 40 years ago and continues to pick up speed.  Today, you can find him riding ATV’s in Colorado, camping with his family, sharing ATV camping tips on his blog or running a business where he sells -you guessed it- ATV camping accessories.

Now that we know a little about his outdoor adventure, let’s find out how his adventure began.

 Thanks for joining us today, ATVCamper.  So tell us, how did your outdoor adventure begin?  I started primitive camping as a boy with my family back in the 1960’s.  In the 1970’s I started riding motorcycles on the trails here in Colorado.  I continued both throughout the years that followed and started riding ATVs in 2000.  Now I load my ATV with my camping gear for several days of ATV camping in the backcountry.

How did you get interested in ATV camping?  After getting my first ATV and my boys’ ATVs, we would haul them to a public campground and setup camp.  Sometimes these campgrounds would get so overcrowded that it became a very unpleasant experience.  Then I was invited to go ATV camping with some friends and we rode several miles into the backcountry with our ATVs loaded with camping gear to a remote campsite by a lake where we did not see another camper for the whole trip.  I was hooked.

With whom do you share your love for the outdoors?  Friends, family (wife and two kids) and our two dogs.

Describe your best, worst or most memorable camping trip.  My best and worst camping experience was my first camping trip without my parents.  I was thirteen and went backpack camping with some friends for a couple days.  I was absolutely terrified the first night but came to realize the importance of everything I was taught before on our family camping trips and the next two days and nights were amazing.

What is your favorite camping equipment and why?  My favorite piece of camping equipment is an old Coleman® two-burner stove.  My dad bought it in the 1950’s after he got out of the Army and it was the stove we used on all of our family camping trips.  This thing is built like a tank.  I inherited it when my father passed away in the 1980’s but I rarely used it because at the time I was mainly backpack or motorcycle camping and it was too big and heavy to carry.  When I started ATV camping in 2001 I dug it out of the attic.  It has been part of my ATV camping gear ever since.  Every time I set it up I am reminded of all the camping trips as a kid.  It still works great and I always get several comments about it.  Everyone wants to cook on it, so it gets used a lot.  I will hand it down to my son.

I love the story behind your camping stove!  Thanks for sharing this story with us.  And again, thanks so much for coming by and hanging out with us around our campfire.  Now before you go, we have one more question. 

Our Silly Question Sendoff for today — Who is your favorite character or skit from Seinfeld? Krammer is by far my most favorite character. He was one of the goofiest characters of all time.  My favorite skit from Seinfeld was the “Soup Nazi.”

Now it’s time you, the readers, to answer our Silly Question Sendoff in the comments below.  And if you enjoyed our chat with ATVCamper, head on over to and give him a virtual high five– in the form of a comment!  Thanks, Guys!

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


If you are interested in being featured on Trailblazer Tuesday, send me a message through my contact page and tell me a little about yourself and your outdoor experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Tiffany, thanks for featuring me on your Trailblazer Tuesday series. Hope to see you out riding the trails, if not I’ll see ya around the campfire.
    ATVCamper recently posted..Modifying your ATVMy Profile

  2. I like the Soup Nazi, too! I also like the low talker. The great thing about the Seinfeld characters is that they would sometimes remind you of people you know.

    And, yada…yada… it was a great show!

  3. Camping With Cheese says:

    Gotta love Newman! Ever the villian of the show he represents those of us that loved the show but thought Jerry was a bit annoying. Oh the humanity!!

  4. I also like the episode where Elaine dances. Must have seen it at least fifty times and it still cracks me up.
    ATVCamper recently posted..Modifying your ATVMy Profile

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