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If you are looking for a good cost saving camping tip, we have one for you today.  This camping tip is a reader submission.  We love that our readers are willing to share what works for them on their camping trips.  Maybe this cost saving tip will come in handy when preparing for your next camping trip.

Becky’s Cost Saving Camping Tip

I have a tip for anyone who goes camping lots and is on a tight budget.

 I always check the clearance racks after the holidays.  We stock up on tablecloths, napkins, light sticks, and party favors.  I usually pay 25 cents each.  Some are crazy designs for camping but at that price, it’s too good to pass up.  So yes, the princesses and super heroes have gone camping on our tablecloths.  I usually have 4-5 spare tablecloths that we take with us.

We have recently introduced one of my friends to camping, so  we tend to have 4-5 children with us.  With kids, things can get crazy and messy quickly.  We used to have the nice cloth tablecloths we took, but that was before children.  After camping at a campground with no washer and dryer, we learned that spilled drinks on cloth attract all kinds of nasty pests, and with kids, spills are unavoidable.  They make clean up easy and can be reused if not too messed up.  If they are nasty, it’s still easy to clean up.

The party favors are great for a campsite scavenger hunt, or when the kids are getting cranky and you want to reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior.  We do a lot of rewarding good behavior.  It reduces the need for bad consequences and temper tantrums.  And the light sticks are always great.  They make bedtimes fun!

Thanks for the great tips, Becky!

I love to stock up on clearance items as well. We like to stock up on vinyl tablecloths with polyester backing while they are on sale.  They are easy to wipe down and they don’t slide around on the picnic table.  For more cost saving tips, see my post Tips for Tent Camping on a Budget.

Do you have any cost saving camping tips? 

I’ll see ya the campfire.


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  1. Dianne Edwards says:

    Sales on tablecloths, cutlery, etc. are always great, as are off-season sales. Most of our camping equipment has come from garage sales or from friends who no longer camp or have moved to RVs. To save on money and time, I always freeze casseroles (camping oven), containers of homemade soup, stew etc. to take with us. They act as “blocks of ice” to keep other things cool. If someone in your family has a state handicapped placard, you can get discount rates on campsites at state and national parks. Sometimes during off-season dates, you can get discounts (or even camp for free) if you call the campground first. It always pays to ask!

    (I’m leaving in two hours for a week in the California redwoods!) If you plan ahead, you can camp cheaply!!

    Happy camping!!

  2. I agree. You can score some major deals buying supplies on clearance and getting gear out of season. As long as you know you are going to use it you can save some major money. Great tip. Keep em coming.

  3. I had not thought of either of the ideas mentioned … both great, and I LOVE the scavenger hunt idea!

    Great post. :)

  4. Dianne, I love the frozen food idea! How clever, and what a good use of resources.

  5. I bring water from home and I bought reuseable water jugs with a spigot. Save money and the environment . Another good place to et some cheap accessories are thrift shops.

  6. Some awesome ideas, both in this post and in the comments here. We “inherited” a huge, brand-new tent when our daughter recently bought a new house. I still cannot believe some of the stuff the old owner left. There was also a nice Coleman stove, and some great sleeping bags that we could use in the Arctic. We love to fish and hang around the campfire at night– nothing better for bonding with the kids, grandkids, and the doggies.

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