Bring Back The Campy Christmas Of My Childhood

I wish I could bring back the campy Christmas of my childhood. I would bring back the gosh awful Christmas tree with the gold garland and the globs of foil tinsel.

Our house would be adorned with hand-made ceramic Christmas decor.  The ceramic Christmas tree with little lights and the ceramic Santa’s boot would be proudly displayed.

I’d bring back the handmade ornaments made by Granny, crocheted stockings made by my aunt, and the little quilted ornaments made by my mom.

And we would bake. Oh, would we bake!  Handmade potato bread, fudge, pecan sandies, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies and Granny’s chocolate pie.

But I can’t bring back that Christmas.  It wouldn’t fit into our modern world.  The gosh awful Christmas tree wouldn’t look spectacular in my home.  Homemade bread has too many carbs and those wonderful desserts just don’t fit into the healthy lifestyle I am trying to adopt.

No, I can’t bring back the gosh awful Christmas tree.  I can’t bring back the childish anticipation of Christmas morning or that excited feeling that something magical is about to take place.  But I will always have my memories. And I can still see that giddy excitement when I look into the eyes of my children.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas cookie photo credit: Trees by Jo Naylor (license info)

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  1. Kasey Stone says:

    Look at how cute you two were!

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