Campfire Chili Recipe: Spice Up Your Camping Trip

Campfire Chili Recipe Looking for a way to spice up your camping trip?  How about a steaming hot and spicy bowl of chili?  Our  Campfire Chili recipe is sure to heat things up at the campsite.   October is national chili month, so the timing is perfect.  As the weather cools down, it’s hard to beat a piping hot bowl of chili.

This is my favorite chili recipe.  Over the years, this recipe has evolved into a little of this, little of that, taste and repeat.  To get back to the original recipe, I had to go to the source, my dad.   So, here it is– my dad’s almost famous Campfire Chili Recipe.  (applause, applause).

Marv’s Campfire Chili

2 lbs        Ground meat

2 cans      Ranch Style Beans

½             Onion diced

4 TBS      Chili powder

1 TBS      Ground Cumin

4 to 8 oz   Tomato Sauce

1 tsp         Sugar

1 tsp         Paprika

½ tsp        Oregano

1 squirt     Ketchup

1 tsp         Garlic Salt

8 oz+       Water or chicken broth to make it richer

                Black & Red Pepper (or Louisiana Hot Sauce) to taste

                Cooking oil

 I like to brown the ground meat before I go to the campsite and just keep it iced down in an ice chest. Once at the campsite, heat the ground meat and add the rest of the ingredients. Simmer. Mashing some of the beans helps thicken the chili while distributing the taste.  Serve with shredded cheese and saltine crackers.

There are several options for your outdoor cooking. You can make this chili in a Dutch oven over the campfire or cook it on your propane camping stove or propane slow cooker. If you are at a campsite with an electrical outlet, you can cook your chili in a traditional slow cooker.

 Also, Melissa, over at Adventure Tykes has some great tips on how to organize your dinner supplies for camping.

 So, next time you go camping why not cook up some delicious campfire chili?


 Photo: The Campfire by 10b0 Flickr

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  1. Have been looking for a recipe like this. I don’t mind the canned chili, but making something from scratch is so much better. Thanks for sharing!
    Mike Barlow recently posted..Howlite Experiment: October’s Rock of the Month put to the TestMy Profile

  2. THIS IS NOT CHILI!!!! I am from Texas and real chili is made with no beans. That makes this a stew. As a Texan I take offense to this recipe

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