Camping Faves- Family Friendly Outdoor Activities

Little Campy Blogiversary GivewayCamping Faves and Raves Week + Blogiversary Giveaway kicks off with family friendly outdoor activities (and a chance to win a Geigerrig Hydration Pack).  Joining us today on the blog are some of my favorite outdoor bloggers.  They are letting us in on some of their camping faves.

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Of course, we love camping and we talk a lot about camping on this blog.  But the majority of campers are also active in other outdoor activities.  So check out our bloggers’ favorite family friendly outdoor activities.  These may be activities that your family loves as well.  Who knows,  you may even find a new outdoor activity for your next family camping trip.

Family Friendly Outdoor Activities

Biking –Shared by Kristen from Brave Ski MomFamily Friendly Outdoor Activities While Camping

The White Rim: We Came. We Rode. We Conquered.

We love to camp. We love to bike. We love the desert. The best place we’ve found to combine these three loves is along the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. Covering nearly 100 miles by bike (we also had two trucks for our gear), we biked from campsite to campsite with two other families. It was great fun, a huge challenge and one of the most rewarding camping experiences of our lives. Here’s how we did it…Read More

Hiking– Shared by Traci from Walk SimplyFavorite family friendly outdoor activity while camping

Hiking: A Favorite Outdoor Activity While Camping

Hiking the outdoors is a compliment to any camping adventure. All ages can participate and hikes can be tailored to meet the needs of every person. Reasons to hike when camping: trails begin near campsites; hiking is an exercise that most everyone can do; families bond when out hiking together; and you can still see the best parts of the region you are visiting.  When researching your camping destination, consider the types of hiking trails nearby as part of your planning.  Happy Trails!…Read More

Geocaching–Shared by Val from Val In Real LifeFamily Friendly Outdoor Activity While Camping

Geocaching 101

We here at Camp Granola love to geocache as part of our camping adventures.  It’s a perfect way to discover new places and keep kids motivated to explore the outdoors.  Little ones are energized by the tempting “treasure” and it gives older ones an extra purpose for hiking and exploring.  The best part of watching kids geocache is the serious navigating skills they develop as well as the realization that the the best path is not necessarily the most direct one.  It also helps them develop a keen eye, problem-solving skills, and the ability to break through the assumptions about what their quarry should look like because caches can look like just about anything.  All of these challenges are what make it so fun.  And while geocaching can happen anywhere, we definitely like it most when we’re camping because it takes us to parks and trails we might not have considered otherwise.  We always discover something surprising along the way!  Read More

Multi-day Rafting– shared by Jessica from Bring The KidsFavorite Family Friendly Outdoor Activities

Whitewater for the Kids

After years of searching, we finally found the ultimate combination of camping adventure: multi-day rafting.  You get the calm and seclusion that you would find backpacking, but can carry all your car-camping essentials in your boat.  Not to mention, it’s a great way to spend some serious family time and make unforgettable memories (and yes, you can carry the kids- we do)!  Read More

 The Giveaway

Geigerrig Hydration Pack for Family Friendly Outdoor ActivitiesHydration Pack for Family Friendly Outdoor Activities

When you’re enjoying outdoor actvities with your family, hydration is so important.  So we are giving you a chance to win one of our camping faves– the Geigerrig 500 RIG hydration pack.  This revolutionary hydration pack is pressurized which means you don’t have to suck on the valve.  Water squirts out. With this hydration pack, you can share water with your entire family.  See my complete review here.

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The Details

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What is your favorite outdoor activity while camping with your family?

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Tiffany loves tent camping and knows how to bait a hook.

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  1. Love your blog keep em coming!

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    You have a busy week ahead. Happy Anniversary and thanks for letting me participate!

  3. Favorite outdoor activity would definitely be geocaching. It is what usually leads us to a camping destination, and has taken us on many outdoor adventures. Most parks where we have camping have geocaching as a part of their activities, so this always works to our advantage.

  4. Thanks for sharing! It’s exciting to see everyone’s favorites. I’d forgotten about how fun geocaching is until recently!

  5. Easy one. FISHING!

  6. Okay, I love many things about camping, and this is going to sound awful, but I LOVE napping in the tent! The sleeping bags are all fluffy and warm from afternoon sun and there’s the quiet rustling of leaves in the trees…it’s all perfect for a nap.

    • Well, I have 3 kids, so anytime I get to take a nap is heavenly and I can definitely see how napping in a tent could be relaxing. Another relaxing place to nap…a hammock. I’m giving away a ENO DoubleNest later this week, so be on the lookout for that.

  7. Congratulations! I am so impressed with your blog and absolutely floored that this is only the anniversary of your FIRST year! Amazing. Thanks for allowing me to participate in the celebration! Cheers!

  8. What a great collection of bloggers, activities and a giveaway. You know how to kick the week off!! I have been wanting to get my Lil guy started with geocaching. Thanks for the reminder. We are trying to squeeze in one more camping trip before the nights get too cold for our gear. Take care and thanks for sharing the great post.

  9. Looking forward to this week of blogs. I love how you’re using your blogiversary to connect with so many of the family outdoor adventure community. Kudos!

    • Well, as you know, we have some wonderful bloggers in the outdoor community. It’s been so much fun compiling these posts, because they are just incredible. It really challenges me to continue to work hard as a blogger. You guys are constantly raising the bar.

  10. Your blog is so inspiring for my project, which aims to get families outside and camping in North Texas. Thank you for sharing great ideas!

  11. Our favorite activity would be hiking. It’s nice to take a nice long walk, then take a nap.

  12. christopher sorel says:

    My family loves hiking, fishing and exploring. Then sitting by the fire roasting our dinner

  13. My favorite activity is hiking with two Labradors in tow (techincally they lead).

  14. Our family all love hiking and exploring. We especially like to go herping…like birding..we look under rocks, logs, in streams for different reptiles and amphibians to identify. We keep a journal and try our best to photograph our discoveries!

  15. I love to back pack with my wife! We love to go on scouting trips looking for deer or elk. We also love to go anywhere we can in our Jeep with our canoe on top!!!!

  16. enjoying each other and being outside!

  17. a marie hj saver says:

    Love kayaking the most with the family- something we all agree on!

  18. I love reading about others tips and tricks for camping! So glad I found your blog. =)

  19. I agree with Brian. Geocaching is our favorite activity too. The thought of discovering a “treasure” at the end of the hike gets us all interested in going. There always seems to be less dragging of feet on any hike when e do this.

  20. Favorite camping activity: sitting around the campfire!

  21. My favorite activity is trail hiking.

  22. brandon mahan says:

    Favorite would have to be with the wife and dog fishing!

  23. I’ve heard such good things about this system, and I’d love to have one of my own! I recently had to buy a new Camelbak system because I lost the other one…who does that? I won’t be losing this one, that’s for sure!

  24. It’s a tie between sitting by the campfire and star-gazing!

  25. We love swimming so we always camp near the water

  26. We love anything outside. I enjoy watching the kids running through the woods, meadows and trails. Fishing can be exciting as well. I get I kick out of the kids tackle boxes. Right now it is all about the tackle in the box instead of the line in the water. After a day of camping and exploring, night hikes hit the top of the list.

  27. My favorite thing to do with my family when we’re camping is hiking. It gives us a chance to help each other along the way which makes everyone feel good.

  28. Favorite camping activity is cooking in the dutch oven.

  29. I hadn’t heard about these until today. They sound almost magical!! Cool!!

  30. I like that my son enjoys making dinner over the fire. He has his own recipe he learned in scouts and likes to cook everyone dinner.

  31. Thanks Campy Mom!

  32. My family always enjoys biking and playing paintball together. These are our favorite outdoor activities!r

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