Camping on Holiday Weekends- DO’s and DON’Ts

Camping on Holiday WeekendsCamping on holiday weekends can be a catch-22. On one hand you have more days off from work and more time to camp. But on the other hand the campgrounds tend to be packed.  How do you make the most of  your long weekends, while keeping the fun in the camping trip?

Camping on Holiday Weekends

DO make reservations early.  Even campgrounds which are normally quiet and usually have plenty of vacant campsites will fill up on holiday weekends.  Campgrounds on holiday weekends are like church on Easter Sunday.  The minute you arrive you think, “Where did all these people come from?”

DO arrive at the campgrounds early to choose the best site.  Of course, the best sites are based on your personal taste and camping style.  If you have kids, the sites near the playground are prime real estate.  If you enjoy fishing, campsites that back up to the lake are quite alluring (sorry- I couldn’t resist). ;)

DON’T sleep in.  To avoid crowds while camping, wake up early.  An early morning hike or fishing trip will get you out ahead of the other campers, allowing you and your family some refreshing quiet time with nature.

DO respect the other campers and hope that they follow good campground etiquette as well (to read my post about Campground Etiquette click here).

DON’T lose your sense of humor. Tempers tend to be on a short fuse when large groups are gathered.  Try to relax and keep your sense of humor. Getting too worked up could ruin the trip for you and your family.

DON’T forget that it is a holiday.  Have fun.  Grill out or make a special camping meal.  Teach your kids how to make homemade ice cream.  You may even want to decorate your campsite a little for the holiday.  Bring along a festive table cloth or napkins to match the occasion.

If you’ve tried all these tips for camping on holiday weekends and you still feel too crowded, next year postpone your camping trip until a week or two after the holiday.  By then, the campgrounds should be back to the same relaxed campground you have always loved.

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


Do you camp on holiday weekends?  What tips would you add?

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  1. All so true! One extra tip – if you don’t have kids going back to school the day after Labour Day, stay on the Sunday and return on Monday. Usually camp grounds are almost empty on the Sunday night because everybody heads home a day early to prepare for back-to-school. We did this one time camping at Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario and had the most amazing experience at the campground. Since it was so quiet and devoid of many people, the wild animals started checking out the campsites in the middle of the night. We had racoons and coyotes fighting over scraps in our campground. Pretty amazing!

  2. We often go into the backcountry on long weekends to avoid these problems. It’s much less crowded. I also find group campgrounds are great on long weekends because you are in a secluded spot with just your friends and family. It doesn’t matter how busy the rest of the campground is as much.

  3. Great points but I’m laughing because I totally just did a “don’t”. We had camping reservations at an Illinois State Park for this holiday weekend but canceled because it looks like Hurricane Isaac wants to pay Illinois a visit. So just today we booked a campsite instead at a Michigan State Park, where the forecast looks way more favorable! We got lucky, I know :-)

  4. We make sure that when camping on a long weekend that we pick a campground as far away from a liquor store as possible. If we’re going mid-week then we don’t’ mind going closer.

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