Camping Personality- What Type of Camper Are You?

Tent CampingThe camping personality is very complex, yet there have been very few studies published on this subject.  I have done extensive research on the characteristic traits of each type of camper, although none of it has been scientific.

Join me as we compare various camper personalities and characteristic traits of each type of camper.  Do not be alarmed if you identify these character traits in your friends or (gasp) in yourself.

Types of Camping Personalities

Adventure Camper

  • Hikes 5 miles before 8am.
  • Usually bypasses the campgrounds and goes straight to the backcountry, but may occasionally accompany newbie camping friends and family to the campground.
  • Hiking, climbing, biking, spelunking.  If there is an adventure to be found, the Adventure Camper will find it.

Laid Back Camper (aka Relaxed Camper or Lazy Camper)

  • Butt in lawn chair, drink in hand…
  • If there is a hammock, this camper will find it.
  • This camper comes to the woods to get away from the rat race and relax.
  • This camping personality is the direct opposite of the Adventure Camper (some of those adventures sound like a lot of work).

The Partying Campers

  • These campers come to the campground in large groups.
  • You may see them skiing, drinking, playing loud music and having an all-out good time.
  • What nature?  Nature is just the back drop for the fun.

Vanishing Parent Campers

  • If you have children, you know this camping personality well.
  • Their kids will play with your kids, then the parents will vanish.  The kids tell you their parents have gone back to their campsite (if you are staying in site #114, these people are usually somewhere around site #3).
  • Before you can recover from the shock that these parents have left their children, their kids are asking for a hot dog, a drink, an extra flashlight, to borrow a hat…

The Camping Diva

  • This camper does not like to camp.
  • They have been coerced into camping by a friend or family member (who will not make that mistake again).
  • Apparently, they have never seen a bug where they live.
  • They are miserable and you will hear about it.
  • They are too hot, too cold, too good for the shower house and for fresh air for that matter.

Just Traveling Thru Camper

  • These campers arrive at the campgrounds after 9pm and set up a small tent.
  • By 7:30am the next morning, they have packed up their camping gear (which apparently is a tent and a lantern) and have left the campground.

Mr. Big Camper

  • This camper thinks he is all that and he can prove it.
  • His RV costs more than your home.
  • He is usually pulling a Harley or Gold Wing motorcycle behind his RV.
  • His RV has large, flat screen TV’s (inside and out).
  • He seldom leaves his luxury motor home, because who needs nature when you have ALL THAT?

Wanna-Be Camper

  • This camper shows up at the campgrounds for his first camping trip with his Coleman tent, Columbia outerwear, Merrell shoes, Life is Good T-shirt and every other name brand camping gear he can acquire.
  • He thinks he is a real camper because he has all the gear, but you quickly realize he doesn’t know the first thing about camping or the outdoors.

Newbie Camper

  • This camper doesn’t know a thing about camping, but unlike the Wanna-Be Camper, the Newbie Camper doesn’t try to fake it.
  • They ask a lot of questions.
  • Usually, he has not thoroughly researched camping and is quite unprepared.  Brings the wrong type of sleeping bag and doesn’t know a thing about cooking at a campground.

Long Term Camper

  • These campers have a vegetable garden growing beside their camper and a sattelite dish mounted on the side.
  • They may change their location based on the season.
  • Their seasons include the Texas Winter Season and Arkansas Summer Season, to name a few.

Normal Camper

  • Not enough data.
  • The Normal Camper is rare and seldom sighted.

Most campground campers exhibit one of these camping personality traits or a combination of them.  Camping life would be easier if everyone would wear t-shirts denoting their camping style.  So when you see a mom with a Vanishing Parent t-shirt, you could run the other way.  If you come across people with Partying Campers written on their t-shirt, you can either join them and buy everyone some beer or pitch your tent as far away from these folks as you can.  With the right information, your next camping trip would be a breeze.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


What type of camper are you?  What are some other types of campers you see at the campground?

This post was written in jest.  I was not trying to poke fun at any single camping type, but rather poke fun of all the camping personalities. :)

Photo Credit: Chamonix Camping By Damien Ayers via Flickr (license info).

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  1. Ok, I’ll own up to being a hybrid, let’s call me the lazy adventure camper…yes we go out exploring all we can, but not before 8 am and coffee!

    Love this post Tiffany. Very funny!
    Val Joiner recently posted..George’s Birthday Adventure: E.T. HighwayMy Profile

    • Agree. Lazy adventurer. We often avoid campgrounds preferring the backcountry, but nobody with kids is up, packed and at their backcountry location by 8am. Coffee definitely comes first.
      Tanya Koob recently posted..Friday’s GiftMy Profile

  2. Campy Mom says:

    That is interesting. We consider ourselves Lazy Adventurers, also– but in a different way. We actually like to get up early and we are usually fishing by 7:30am. The fish bite early and then they stop biting when it gets too hot. Our fishing adventure starts early, but it’s not a very strenuous adventure. :)

    Then we have a leisurely lunch and determine our next adventure.

  3. Dianne Edwards says:

    I guess I’m a hybrid, too. I’m a Laid-Back camper who would like to be Adventurous, but can’t because of arthritis. I’m also a retired teacher who ends up being the salvation of the Vanishing Parents, but that’s OK.

    • Campy Mom says:

      I have a feeling you are more adventurous than you give yourself credit for. You have been a tent camper for a long time!

  4. Hilarious…
    I’m a newbie/diva/adventure camper. I DO, in fact, camp. However, when we tent camp the rules are as follows:
    1. Mom doesn’t cook!
    2. Mom gets the air mattress!
    3. Mom does not kill spiders that join you at 2:00 a.m.
    4. For all of the above, see dad!!!

    (Oh, and while I love to hike, it will not occur before 8:00 a.m, coffee and bacon!)

  5. From my thoughts and the thoughts expressed above I think that you may have missed a type of camper – The adventure family camper :D
    – this camper has one or more small children
    – requires coffee before hitting the trail (may go for a short solo sunrise photo hike before the rest of the tent wakes)
    – because of the extra gear and less hands (a couple are occupied entertaining) may take longer than usual to pack up
    – has to be the most flexible of all campers as each time out is different
    – is ready for any adventure life throws at them
    Suzi recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Campy Mom says:

      I like the Adventure Family Camper. With kids you have to be ready for any adventure because they sure know how to find them! Thanks so much for adding to our list!

  6. hahahahahah By this definition I might actually for once in my life score as Normal.

    I am a city girl who has been camping twice. I require bathrooms and showers not to mention coffee. I did not get scared when bears ransacked our food locker last time.

    We have always gone camping in groups and managed to have everything we needed without acting like prima donnas.

    My daughter makes fun of me. She has been camping more with friends. She thinks it is an affront to nature to bathe while camping. Between that and the air mattress she calls me soft.

    “Whatever” is all I have to say about that.
    ToscaSac recently posted..Parenting AloneMy Profile

  7. Michael Douglas says:

    Here’s another one…”The Grandparents Scared Out of Their Minds With Grandkids Camper”. Some grandparents are foolish enough to believe they want to spend a little quality time with their “little angel” grandkids…give the parents a break. Then they find out they have absolutely no control over them. Our last experience with these type campers? The little darlings (about 6 – 8 years old) decided it would be cool to drag grandpas brand new canoe down to the lake…at 2:30 IN THE MORNING!!!

    Advice to grandparents? Let the parents teach their kids about the great outdoors.

    • Campy Mom says:

      Wow. The Grandparents Scared Out of Their Minds With Grandkids Camper is awesome! That is just funny, scary and crazy all mixed into one.

  8. Wow you hit the nail right on the head. I am still laughing as I can picture examples of everyone of the camper types on the list.
    Dave@Family Camping recently posted..Hobo Stew-Easy Camping FoodMy Profile

  9. There is on more, single old and runs from kids camper. That is if I can. Bad joints means no more adventures and tents are to far to get up and down. Best to use a small vehicle camper, suitable aged. :)

  10. Great Post!! I was an adventure camper, now loving the campsites with luxuries, like roads in. I have even agreed to leave the tent at home and use a small trailer. I feel lucky to have found your blog, so many great posts!!

    • Campy Mom says:

      We enjoy arriving at our campsite via a road also. With a family of 5, when we do get some time to get away and take the kiddos camping we like to take the path of least resistance. Once we get to the campsite, I am glad to hike, bike and fish. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. What about the RV camper? Love being outdoors 7AM to 10PM then we go in watch a little tv on the big screen get some sleep in a BED and TAKE A SHOWER! Enjoy many outdoor actives during the day, campfire cooking, grill cooking with a drink or two in the evening. Sleeping in a tent does not make kayaking and biking during the day better!

    • The RV Camper– absolutely! And you make some VERY good points! Of course the thing I envy most about RV campers is your ability to setup and take down your campsite so quickly. You guys are pulling out of the campground before I can get the inflatible mattresses deflated and sleeping bags rolled up. Thanks Ed!

  12. Im the relaxed camper, in the morning and day, but come 2ish the party camper in me comes alive, then its loud music and party starts. But for the most part come 10:30/ 11 im usually crawling in the pop up to sleep till about 6am

  13. Hilarious.


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