Camping Raves- Easy Camping Recipes

Blogiversary GiveawayCamping Faves and Raves Week continues with some easy camping recipes.  Because when you are relaxing at the campsite, easy is good.

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To find these camping recipes, we went to our favorite camping resource- other outdoorsy moms.  These are the recipes they shared.

Easy Camping Recipes

Campfire Dessert- Chocolate Orange CakesEasy Camping Recipe Chocolate Orange Cakes

Shared by Amelia from Tales of a Mountain Mama

We are no gourmet cooks when it comes to camping, but we do love our desserts!  This is our favorite trick for cake in the campfire…Read More.

Campfire Recipe- Roasted Rolo MarshmallowsEasy Camping Recipes

Shared by Tami from Colorado Mountain Mom

The fact that I consider this a recipe tells you a few things about both my penchant for sweets, and my shaky cooking-while-camping skills.   (I know, I need to read A Little Campy more often…)  However, these are definitely good enough to call a “recipe”…Read More.

The Incredible Haystack- Life’s Most Versatile MealEasy Camping Recipe- Haystack recipe

Shared by Olivia from OutsideMom

Ever heard of a ‘haystack’?  It’s my favorite camping meal.  It’s light and tasty, easy to prepare, requires no cooking AND they can be made four different ways… Read More.

Campfire Roasted Potatoes- Tasty Camping Side Dish RecipeEasy Camping Recipe Camping Roasted Potatoes

Shared by Tiffany from A Little Campy

An easy and delicious potato recipe that enhances virtually any outdoor cooking meal.  Cook in foil over the campfire for easy cooking and cleanup…Read More.

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  1. We really enjoy cooking while we are camping! From the breakfast potatoes & eggs over easy, Chicken Italian on the grill in the evening to our dutch oven dump cake its a fun way to spend time together.

  2. I love foil dinners!! :)

  3. We love to make mock shepherds pie using a dutch oven and we enjoy campfire soup after our final garden harvest.

  4. Melissa Wenger says:

    My favorite camping recipe is “mountain pies” in the pie irons. We like to do pizza ones – with bread, pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese.

  5. Gotta say…we can not camp with out the old stand by..smores!

  6. We like to put hamburger patties, diced potato, onions, and peppers in a tin foil pouch and cook over the fire. Super easy and yummy.

  7. Those potatoes look good. Might have to try some of those with my campfire chicken next time we are out camping.

  8. Sarah Austin says:

    Well this so not healthy. But its kind of a modified smore. Using the oboe pie maker use peanut butter marshmallows and chocolate melted between toasted bread.yum!

  9. a marie hj saver says:

    I love making foil packets with fresh fish, tomatoes and peppers.

  10. Foil packets are one of my favorites when we camp. You just can’t beat the easy clean up. I am definitely going to try the potato recipe!

  11. Last time we went camping we were looking for something different than our standard burger…we made campfire chicken and it was delicious. We found the recipe online and it was very easy!

  12. I haven’t cooked while camping in years. Our backyard campfires wouldn’t be the same without roasted marshmallows and hotdogs. Classics.

  13. Besides the obvious food group – smores, some our favorite meals have been pre-marinated chicken kabobs, goulash, campfire burritos, and nachos.

  14. we like to cook chicken

  15. S’mores!

  16. We make a big pot of hot chocolate and drink it with roasted marshmallows.

  17. dump cake!

  18. We use everything pasitlc except for serving silverware, like for the dishes and stuff on the grill. We pre-make our food for how ever long we will be gone, like have the hamburgers ready to just put right on the grill. If using a tent, you may find it useful to have a airmattress to sleep on. If using a camper, keep stuff in totes, in case a mouse gets in. Paper towels work better than napkins, and don’t blow away as easy, I live in SD. For games, you can bring balls along for kickball or baseball in the park. It’s just so fun and relaxing, I can’t really think of anything else.

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