The Campy Mom Joins The Hydration Summit

Hydration Summit

The Campy Mom has teamed up with 15 Outdoor Bloggers to discuss hydration on the trail, around the campsite and anywhere your outdoor adventure takes you.  We hope you will join us for the Hydration Summit, starting June 4th (for 5 weeks) as we discuss and review hydration practices, safety and technology.

All the bloggers involved will be taking a very in depth look at every aspect of hydration.  Some of the topics will include filtration, gear, proper use and cleaning of gear and so much more.

How can you get involved?  We would like to hear your stories of how you stay hydrated on the trails.  Please come and join the conversation by registering at Hydration Summit and share your personal story.

Registered members will have chances to win gear, receive special discounts and offers and discuss all the topics.

For more information, visit the Hydration Summit website.

By the way, my profile is up on the Contributors page.  Stop by today and see how my outdoor adventure began.  I’ll give you a tip– I am not hanging from a rope on the side of a mountain.  If you see me hanging from a rope on the side a mountain, please call for help. Wink

But seriously, I am excited to be part of this amazing group of outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, athletes and incredible bloggers. Come join us in the discussions.  Discussions begin June 4th.  Registration begins now.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Photo credit: Water Stairs by MaZzuk via Flickr (license info).

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  1. Just wanted to drop a comment to say I shared a story on the hydration summit website. Looks like a great place to get information. Thanks for sharing.

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