The Campy Mom Joins The Hydration Summit

Hydration Summit

The Campy Mom has teamed up with 15 Outdoor Bloggers to discuss hydration on the trail, around the campsite and anywhere your outdoor adventure takes you.  We hope you will join us for the Hydration Summit, starting June 4th (for 5 weeks) as we discuss and review hydration practices, safety and Read More

Cricket Trailer- Hop Into The Outdoors With This Compact Camper


Have you seen a Cricket Trailer?  If not, this is your lucky day.  The Cricket Trailer is a compact camper for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy, well...being outdoors. You won't find all the luxuries found in a full size RV.  So if you are looking for a camper with a television, satellite, porch Read More

Merrell Siren Breeze Sport Shoes Review


I love shoes, so when Nature Shop asked me to review their Merrell Siren Breeze sport shoes, I readily agreed. The Merrell Siren Breeze is a good looking hiking shoe for women. The dark gull grey color with light blue accents are perfect colors for a shoe that will be worn around a campsite, on Read More

Tips For Building A Canoe

Have you ever wanted to build your own canoe?   Today on Trailblazer Tuesday, Kevin MacRae, my friend and fellow outdoor enthusiast, will share his experience building a canoe.  Kevin enjoys many outdoor activities including biking (road and mountain biking), fishing and hiking. Today's Trailblazer Read More

Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent- Solar Tent That Glows

The Orange Chill 'N' Charge Tent is a Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent.  I've been seeing pictures of this solar tent circulating on the web, but it has only been a picture.  Well, that just leaves too many unanswered questions for me. How do you utilize the solar power in the tent? Where do I Read More

Beyond Coastal Sun Care- Product Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Beyond Coastal Sun Care products which include sunscreens and lip balms.  I readily agreed to review the products, because with a fair complected family of 5, I know a little about sunscreen.  We spend a lot of time outdoors and we use a massive Read More

Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit- Are You Ready For The Walkers?-Update

UPDATE-- The Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit is now available again.  In fact, if you "Like" them on their FB page (Gerber) you can enter to win one (Feb 14th, 2012). Because nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a bunch of knives. The walkers are returning. Will you be prepared?  I hope you Read More

Dressing For The Cold- Keep Your Child Warm In The Winter

Today, we have a guest post written by Suzi from The Big Picture Calgary. Suzi knows a thing or two about dressing for the cold weather and keeping her child warm in the winter. I am so glad she is here to share this information with us. It's the beginning of February and for some winter is almost Read More

Family Camping- How To Choose A Tent

Are you trying to choose a tent for your next family camping trip?  The right tent is crucial.   A family camping tent is typically a tent that sleeps 4 or more people and is the tent we are focusing on today. Types of Family Camping Tents Dome tents. Dome tents are very durable. They can Read More

Prius Camper Review- The Good, The Bad And The Oh My Gosh Ugly

The Toyota Prius Camper was introduced this past weekend at the Tokyo Auto Salon.  The Prius, known for being a green alternative, can now take you to the green outdoors.  This conversion camper is added to the standard Prius hatchback.  It features a side sofa that doubles as a bed and a Read More

Feed Your Obsession- Camping Apparel and Equipment

  Well, it's time to stop obsessing over camping apparel and equipment and feed your obsession. We recently discussed organizing your camping equipment.  Winter is a good time to make sure your camping equipment is in order and it's a great time to buy that camping equipment that you have Read More