Are You a Mosquito Magnet? -Infographic

Mosquito Repellents

Are You A Mosquito Magnet infographic   Read More

7 Bizarre Tick Myths

Tick Myths Debunked

Today, we have a Guest Post written by Dacia Daly.  Welcome to the blog, Dacia! As a camper, you encounter ticks throughout your adventures. Here are the most common tick myths that might come as a surprise to even the most outdoorsy of us! Bizarre Tick Myths 1. Using a Lit Match is a Safe Way Read More

How to Identify Poison Ivy- Infographic

Identify poison ivy

I love this infographic on how to identify poison ivy.  It was created by Treks in the Wild and I am sharing it with you today (with their permission, of course).  It combines photos of poison ivy and catchy little phrases to help you remember the distinguishing features of poison ivy.  This Read More

Top Herbs for Camping Families

Top Herbs for Campers

Who's ready to go camping? I certainly am. This beautiful spring weather has me thinking about two things- camping and gardening (basically, I just want to be outside). As a result, today's post is about the top herbs for camping families. Don't you just love when your favorite things Read More

Camping With Man’s Best Friend

Dogs and Camping

Today's guest post is written by Calin Hess.  Calin gives us some useful tips for camping with dogs. Camping With Man's Best Friend Camping is a great activity for families; and if your family is anything like mine, then the dog is coming along for the trip. I grew up in a house full of animals Read More

Winter Camping Tips- Extend Your Camping Adventure

Winter Camping Tips

End of camping season?  Many people put away their sleeping bags as winter sets in.  But today, we are sharing our winter camping tips.   So don't pack up your camping kitchen just yet.  There's more camping fun, adventures and memories to be made. Winter Camping Tips Check the weather.  Before Read More

Great Camping Compromise in Divided Families

Camping Compromise for Non-campers

Are you part of a divided family?  Does your family consist of campers and non-campers?  Today we are discussing the great camping compromise in these divided families. Jenny left this comment on our blog, My husband & son are big into camping, especially my son for some reason.  He keeps Read More

Hiking The Beautiful USA- Infographic

Hiking The Beautiful

Hey, it's another cool infographic shared with us by REI.   Of course,  REI has a  wide selection of hiking gear in case you would like to hike one of these National Trails.  (See REI's hiking gear here). Have you hiked one of these National Trails or segments of it?  Is it something you would Read More

All-Time Favorite Camping Spots

Favorite Camping Spot in my ENO Hammock

Today, we are discussing our all-time favorite camping spots.  Whether it's at the beach, in the mountains or just in your backyard, what camping spot speaks to you?  Let's face it.  Some places just give you a sense of peace.  You just want to pitch your tent, hang up your hammock and stay Read More

Camping on Holiday Weekends- DO’s and DON’Ts

Camping on Holiday Weekends

Camping on holiday weekends can be a catch-22. On one hand you have more days off from work and more time to camp. But on the other hand the campgrounds tend to be packed.  How do you make the most of  your long weekends, while keeping the fun in the camping trip? Camping on Holiday Weekends DO Read More

10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping- Infographic

Tent Tips Infographic

Check out REI's wide selection of tents. 10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping is another cool infographic shared with us by REI. Do you have any tent tips to add? I'll see ya by the campfire. Tiffany If you enjoyed this inforgraphic as much as we did, consider Pinning It and follow us on Read More