Almost Wordless Wednesday-Camping Families Are Well-Rounded

Camping Families are Well=Rounded

Did you know that camping families are well-rounded?  Of course you did!  So today, on Almost Wordless Wednesday, we are discussing some of the cool attributes of camping families. Camping families are DIY'ers.  We love finding easy, efficient and economical ways to enjoy the outdoors.  Most of Read More

A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team

A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team

Today, I am introducing A Little Campy Lightning Bug Research Team.  I'm so excited about this project as we use our Little Campy Community to do more than educate, inform and entertain.  Now, we can use our community to make a difference in our world. Lightning bugs are little camping mascots Read More

The Downside of Camping

Downside of camping

I love camping and all the wonderful activities that accompany it.  But there is a downside of camping which is the part I love most of all.  In a world that is always plugged in and moving at a break-neck pace, camping offers a gentle reprieve.  After all, everyone needs a little downtime. History Read More

DIY Solar Oven for S’mores

DIY Solar Oven for S'mores

Making a DIY solar oven for s'mores is a great summer project for kids.  It combines all the things we love- the outdoors, crafts, science and chocolate.  My daughter made one at school and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  My kids and I spent the afternoon making s'mores.  Here's how we did Read More

School’s Out For Summer Camping

School's Out for Summer Camping

School's out for summer camping.  Camping families rejoice.  You know what that means. Why We Love Summer Camping Longer camping trips.  WooHoo!  Forget about the long camping weekends.  Bring on the camping weeks.  More time to do all those things you've been wanting to do at the Read More

New Meteor Shower to Kick Off The Summer Camping Season

Star Gazing Couple

What better way to kick off the summer camping season than with an all natural light show this Memorial Day Weekend.  A new meteor shower called the Camelopardalids, may turn into a meteor storm. This meteor shower stems from the Comet 209P/LINEAR.  Debris left behind from this comet in the Read More

Keeping Weekend Camping Trips Fun for Kids

Tent Camping Weekend

Today, we are excited to present a guest post written by Andy Hawbaker who writes for Sierra SocialHub.  Andy is sharing how his family keeps weekend camping trips fun.  Welcome, Andy! Our family loves camping. We try to spend almost every summer weekend outside exploring in a different area. Read More

10 Tips for Backpacking with Your Teen

Backpackpacking teenagers

Today we have a Guest Post from Lauren Caselli who is giving us some tips on backpacking with your teen.  At the end of this post you will find details on how you can WIN some Alpengirl swag. We all know that thereʼs a mountain of evidence that suggests getting your kids outdoors is super Read More

The Monster of White Bear Lake Book Review- Book for Fishing Kids

Monster at White Bear Lake Book Review

Today, I am reviewing the book, The Monster of White Bear Lake.  This chapter book is about fishing kids and since my kids love to fish, I was very excited about reviewing it. The Monster of White Bear Lake is a 80 page paperback book written by Mike Holliday.  Mike has been a fishing guide since Read More

Amazing Cricket Tells The Temperature- Outdoor Fun for Kids

Amazing Cricket Tells Temperature

Today, we are joined by an amazing cricket-- Clyde the Cricket tells the temperature outside.  Haven't you been outside and wished you knew the temperature?  Well, now all you have to do is ask Clyde the Cricket. Technically, all crickets are able to predict the temperature, but don't tell Clyde. Read More

Top Reasons To Love Fall Camping

Fall Camping

Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids.  To me, there's nothing better. Reasons To Love Fall Camping Gorgeous scenery.  The backdrop for camping doesn't get any better than this.  Beautiful foliage in orange, yellow and red float gently to the ground like brightly colored Read More