When You Are Camping Book Review

When You Are Camping Book Review

  When You Are Camping is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Anne Lee.  This book is recommended for kids 4-8 years old.  It is a hardcover book with 32 beautifully illustrated pages. This book centers around Tilly and Hazel as they tent camp with their family.  On Read More

Inside Scoop on Raising Outdoor Kids

Raising Outdoor Kids

Raising outdoor kids is more challenging than ever.  With video games, Ipods and televisions, many kids become content to "veg out" inside.  But moms are realizing the benefits of outdoor play.  This week during our Camping Faves and Raves Week, we have shared some wonderful stories by outdoorsy Read More

Top 5 Non-Essential Camping Essentials For Kids

Camping Gear for Camping Kids

What are the camping essentials when you are camping with kids?  Sometimes the gear you really need are non-essential to most campers.  Oh, how kids change things-- even camping. The following gear won't be found in Bear Grylls' pack, but if you are camping with young kids and toddlers, having 1 Read More

Hikes with Tykes: Games and Activities- Rob Gives Us The Dirt

Hikes with Tykes Feature

Rob Bignell gives us the dirt behind his new book, Hikes With Tykes: Games and Activities.  I caught up with Rob for a quick author interview. Rob, you've just released your second book in your Hikes With Tykes series, Hikes With Tykes: Games and Activities.  In this book, you focus on keeping Read More

Family Camping- Camping Kids Love Bedtime

Best Shadow Show

Our camping kids love bedtime at the campsite and yours can, too.  Check out these tips for family camping. Tips for Easy Bedtimes for Camping Kids Allow your kids to help setup their beds (inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, etc...).  Kids love helping out and feeling independent.  Read More

Camping with Toddlers? 5 Safety Hazards Never to Overlook

iStock_000010188020XSmall (1)

Karen Ho Fatt has stopped by the blog today to share some safety hazards you should never overlook when camping with toddlers.  Thank you for the wonderful guest post Karen. Camping with little ones can feel challenging at times, especially if you have several adventurous children.  The smaller Read More

Reasons To Love Camping Dads

Fathers Day Pic

There are so many reasons to love camping dads.  They pitch the tents, untangle fishing lines, protect their families from the noises in the night, build the campfire (and incessantly poke it), skip rocks like a pro and so much more. But don't take my word for it.  This Father's Day we decided to Read More

Great American Backyard Campout- Getting Families Camping


  The Great American Backyard Campout is this Saturday.  On this night,  there will be families camping in their own backyards, as well as campgrounds and in the back country. The Campout is the signature event of the National Wildlife's Federation's Be Out There Movement.  Their goal is Read More

Amelia Mayer on Sharing Winter Outdoor Activities With Kids


On this week's Trailblazer Tuesday you will meet a very interesting outdoors woman who enjoys many winter outdoor activities.  It takes more than a little snow to keep this woman from getting outside with her husband and two young children. Today's featured Trailblazer is Amelia Mayer from Read More

Wordless Wednesday- Time For A Fishing Plan


When your little sister catches a 3 lb catfish, it's time for a new fishing plan.  Yes, he is fishing with all these rods. Read More

Sharing Outdoor Adventures With Tykes


Do you share your outdoor adventures with your tykes?  Do you share some outdoors experiences with your children, but would like to do more?  Today's Trailblazer will inspire you.  Being a mom hasn't slowed down this outdoors woman, it has just enabled her to pass her passion down to another Read More