Hikes with Tykes: Games and Activities- Rob Gives Us The Dirt

Hikes with Tykes Feature

Rob Bignell gives us the dirt behind his new book, Hikes With Tykes: Games and Activities.  I caught up with Rob for a quick author interview. Rob, you've just released your second book in your Hikes With Tykes series, Hikes With Tykes: Games and Activities.  In this book, you focus on keeping Read More

Camping and Lightning Safety

Lightning by Rick Lipscomb

This Trailblazer Tuesday, we are talking about camping and lightning safety with the National Weather Service's lightning expert, John Jensenius.  In fact, he is sharing some lightning safety tips that may shock you. As you know, on Trailblazer Tuesday we interview an outdoorsman or woman about Read More

Camping With Friends- Tanya’s Camping Tips

Family Camping

Do you go camping with friends?  Today's Trailblazer shares with us why she feels that camping with friends is a good idea for your next camping trip. Today's Trailblazer is Tanya From Family Adventures In The Canadian Rockies. Tanya loves hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, and on occasion Read More

Tent Camping With Mike And Donna


Welcome to Trailblazer Tuesday where we talk with an outdoorsman or woman about their passion for the outdoors.  Today, we have a real treat for you.  We are talking with two of A Little Campy's readers about their passion for tent camping.  They will be sharing some tent camping tips and lessons Read More

Tips For Building A Canoe

Have you ever wanted to build your own canoe?   Today on Trailblazer Tuesday, Kevin MacRae, my friend and fellow outdoor enthusiast, will share his experience building a canoe.  Kevin enjoys many outdoor activities including biking (road and mountain biking), fishing and hiking. Today's Trailblazer Read More

Alyssa Erickson On Adventuring In The Outdoors With Kids

Alyssa Erickson from KidProject.org joins us today on Trailblazer Tuesday and talks with us about adventuring in the outdoors with kids. Alyssa Erickson is a Jesus lover, wife, mom, rock climber, skier, and all around adventure lover with a passion for writing.  She has a B.A. in English Literature Read More

RoadCeo's Quick Spaghetti Sauce Recipe- Delicious Camping Recipe

Welcome back to another edition of Trailblazer Tuesday, where we talk with an outdoorsman or woman about their passion for the outdoors and nature.  We have a real treat for you today.  Our featured Trailblazer will be sharing his favorite camping recipe- the RoadCeo's very own Quick Spaghetti Sauce Read More

Amelia Mayer on Sharing Winter Outdoor Activities With Kids


On this week's Trailblazer Tuesday you will meet a very interesting outdoors woman who enjoys many winter outdoor activities.  It takes more than a little snow to keep this woman from getting outside with her husband and two young children. Today's featured Trailblazer is Amelia Mayer from Read More

Zach Davis- Gaining Grit On The Appalachian Trail

Welcome to Trailblazer Tuesday.  We have an amazing interview for you today.  We are talking with Zach Davis who hiked the Appalachian Trail.  Did I mention that the Appalachian Trail is 2,181 miles long?  I bet you have some questions about that.  I know I do!  Today's Trailblazer is Zach Davis Read More

Traci Lehman's Outdoor Photography Tips

Today, on Trailblazer Tuesday,  we are going to learn some outdoor photography tips from Traci Lehman.  As you know, we like to spend our Tuesdays getting to know an outdoorsman or woman and their passion for the outdoors. Today's Trailblaser is Traci Lehman from www.walksimply.com.  On Walk Simply Read More

Perfect Morning Coffee At The Campsite

Even while camping, most people still have some vices, like morning coffee.  Today's Trailblazer loves his cup of joe in the morning and he will share with us how he prepares his coffee while camping. Today on Trailblazer Tuesday, we have Jayson Cardwell from theBionicChronicles.com. Jayson is one Read More