Yurt Alert- Camping Fun Ahead

Yurt Camping

Today, we are issuing a yurt alert.  That's right, camping fun is ahead.  So if you have been considering yurt camping, proceed with caution unbridled enthusiasm! What is a yurt, you ask.  Well, a yurt is a permanent structure made of wood and canvas.  I like to say it is a cross between a tent and Read More

DIY Tent Trailer

DIY Camping Tent Trailer

Let's face it.  Most campers know how to think outside the box.  It's part of the camping experience.  We try to do more with less.  So, when I came across this DIY tent trailer during a recent camping trip, I couldn't help but smile. Sure these folks could've bought a tent trailer but that would Read More

That’s Not Camping, Y’all!

That's Not Camping

That's not camping!  It's the indignant cry of campers everywhere.  We've all heard it and most campers have said it. I thought about this quote as I watched Duck Dynasty last week. Jase Robertson's words had our family laughing and agreeing.  Hey, we are tent campers!  It certainly makes Read More

Winter Camping Tips- Extend Your Camping Adventure

Winter Camping Tips

End of camping season?  Many people put away their sleeping bags as winter sets in.  But today, we are sharing our winter camping tips.   So don't pack up your camping kitchen just yet.  There's more camping fun, adventures and memories to be made. Winter Camping Tips Check the weather.  Before Read More

Women Camping- Trending Now

women camping is a hot new trend

Women camping is trending now. More and more women are spending time camping, hiking and canoeing. Women are now camping with their other female friends. That's right. Girl's night out just got wild. What better way to catch up with your friends than around a campfire, canoeing down a river or Read More

Camper Profile- Who’s Camping?

Camper Profile

Today, we are taking a close look at campers.  What do we really know about the people who camp overall. Who's Camping? Camping stereotypes have campers pegged as Grizzly Adams type people or retirees in RV's.  Of course, we all know better than to buy into that. Did you know that almost 43 Read More

Top Reasons To Love Fall Camping

Fall Camping

Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids.  To me, there's nothing better. Reasons To Love Fall Camping Gorgeous scenery.  The backdrop for camping doesn't get any better than this.  Beautiful foliage in orange, yellow and red float gently to the ground like brightly colored Read More

Hammock Camping- Trend To Try

Hammock Camping with ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Hammock camping is growing in popularity.  Many people are following this trend in camping.  And why not? Hammocks are easy, lightweight and compact- perfect for backpackers.  And we are seeing more and more family campers bringing hammocks to their campsites, as well.  What better place to relax Read More

Secrets Revealed- Outdoor Moms Share Their Camping Styles

Outdoor Moms Reveal Camping Styles

This week outdoor moms across the web are revealing their camping styles.  And although these moms all love getting back to nature, their methods for getting there, couldn't be more different. My camping style?  I enjoy tent camping in Georgia State Parks. Tent Camping in State Parks With a Read More

Compulsive Camper Quiz

Compulsive Camper Quiz

Are you a compulsive camper?  Take our quiz below to find out. To find out if you are a compulsive camper, read the scenerios below and determine how many apply to you. ◊  You have a box packed in the garage so you are always prepared for an emergency.  Your buddy calls and wants to meet you at Read More

Camping Quick And Easy- Tips For Spur Of The Moment Camping

Family Camping Tent

Sometimes you plan a camping trip months ahead of time.  Other times the opportunity arises at the last minute.  Are you prepared to go camping quick? Today we have a guest post from Lacey Bishop. This camping mom shares her tips on spur of the moment camping.  She gives a step by step look at how Read More