Camping With Friends- Tanya’s Camping Tips

Family Camping

Do you go camping with friends?  Today's Trailblazer shares with us why she feels that camping with friends is a good idea for your next camping trip. Today's Trailblazer is Tanya From Family Adventures In The Canadian Rockies. Tanya loves hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, and on occasion Read More

Tips For Tent Camping On A Budget


Tent camping is a very economical option for a family vacation.  Did you know that you can find tent campsites with electricity from $17 and up per night in many National Parks and State Parks.  So don't let the economy prevent you from enjoying a fabulous family vacation.  Follow these simple tips Read More

Camping Personality- What Type of Camper Are You?


The camping personality is very complex, yet there have been very few studies published on this subject.  I have done extensive research on the characteristic traits of each type of camper, although none of it has been scientific. Join me as we compare various camper personalities and Read More

Favorite Campgrounds In Georgia

What is your favorite campground in Georgia?  I get asked this question a lot.  Of course, this is like asking me which of my children I love the most.  I cannot choose just one.  I enjoy different campgrounds for different reasons.   And so, I will share with you my three favorite campgrounds in Read More

7 Reasons You Should Consider Yurt Camping

Yurt Camping

Reasons to Consider Yurt Camping Easy pack up and set up.  You don't have to bring nearly as much equipment when camping in a yurt.  Since it is furnished you don't have to bring all your inflatable mattresses.  You do need to bring your own bedding.  The heater is built in, so there is not need Read More

Camping Etiquette- The Unspoken Rules of Campground Camping

campground camping

Today, we are discussing etiquette for campground camping.  There are certain unspoken rules when you camp- laws of the land, if you will. Knowing these rules can keep you and your family from being labeled as rude, obnoxious or a newbie.  These rules have been passed down from generation to Read More

Surprise Your Sweetie With A Romantic Camping Trip

Valentine's Day is coming up.  Flowers and candy are so played.  Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable. Surprise your sweetie with a romantic camping trip. How To Make A Camping Trip Romantic Get a babysitter. And there you have it!  That's pretty much the list. How To Make Your Romantic Read More

Yurt Camping- Touring The Inside Of Our Yurt

Yurt Camping From the Inside

If you have been following my blog for very long, you know that I have been wanting to camp in a yurt.  As much as I love to tent camp, I think the yurts have some very nice features also. This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to go yurt camping. So, today I am bringing you on an inside Read More

Vintage Camping- Photo Journey

Camping has been around for ages.  It's always fun to look back at some vintage camping photos.  A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same, also.  We still camp in tents.  We still have a good time. The hairstyles... um, yes, those have changed.  These folks are sitting around the Read More

Christmas Camping Pinterest Style

  Christmas camping is so much fun.  What a great excuse to get a little crazy with the camping lights. You know I love camping lights!  I found these festive campers on Pinterest.  Which one is your favorite?     Don't forget the gingerbread house, I mean, camper!  How cute Read More

Backyard Camping- Preparing For Camping Or Failure

Many people start their camping adventures in their own backyards.  Of course, I can see why.  Backyard camping is a quick and easy way to introduce camping to kids without all the commitment of actual camping. Starts to rain-- go back inside your house. Too cold-- go inside. Too hot-- go Read More