Compulsive Camper Quiz

Are you a compulsive camper?  Take our quiz below to find out.

To find out if you are a compulsive camper, read the scenerios below and determine how many apply to you.

◊  You have a box packed in the garage so you are always prepared for an emergency.  Your buddy calls and wants to meet you at your favorite camping spot in 45 minutes–no problem.  Disaster averted.

◊  You can cook a 4 course meal over a campfire using foil and skewers.

◊  For more elegant meals, you have a cast iron collection to die for (which reminds me, these skillets and pans also double as personal safety devices– nothing can get by a camper and a cast iron skillet.

◊  Your friends can’t believe you like roughing it.  Little do they know, your RV has all the comforts of home and your tricked out tent is the envy of the campgrounds.

◊  Who needs those fancy resorts with their spas?  Mud baths?  Heck yeah, we got mud!

◊  You forget you are at home and wear your flip flops into the shower.

◊  Your idea of going topless is removing the rainfly from your tent so you can see the night sky.

◊  Run over and ask your neighbor if you are a Compulsive Camper.  If you trip over the chord that plugs into their camper, just go ahead and check the box (and SKIP TO THE END of this quiz).

◊  Your child’s school called.  Your child did not turn in his homework, but is well hydrated, doused in sunscreen, there are no bugs in sight and his classmates are using his paracord bracelet as a jump rope.  Could it be that he picked up the wrong backpack again?

◊  Your friend is confused about the recipe you gave her for peach cobbler.  She needs the conversion for over medium campfire.  What degrees Fahrenheit is that?

◊  Your idea of decorative lighting includes camping lights shaped like palm trees, a sunset on the lake and the twinkling of lightning bugs at dusk.

If you can relate to 2 or more of these statements, you are a compulsive camper.  But don’t worry, support groups are available (you can join the one that meets daily on our facebook page).

Of course, this quiz was written in jest.  I am pretty sure Compulsive Camper is not a real diagnosis, although I don’t know.  If Shaky Leg Syndrome (SLS) can be a diagnosis, why can’t Compulsive Camper?

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Do you consider yourself a Compulsive Camper?  What makes you a Compulsive Camper?

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  1. LOL – great way to start the morning… I’m definitely a compulsive camper. Congrats on the KOA gig… sounds sweet.

    Hope you’re camping this weekend :D

  2. Interesting post and congrats on the new job.

    Koa is a great community!

  3. Whaaaat!?!? We aren’t the only ones that have a bin in storage ready to go? :)

    Love it! Great post and, of course, I am a Compulsive Camper. I admit it but I am not seeking treatment for it. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    • Even treatment has its limitations. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with the condition– which I think you have learned to do quite well! :)

      Ya’ll have a good weekend, too!

  4. Um compulsive, or obssessive? I fit both. pre packed camping boxes for all the equipment, the tents(plural) always ready to go , the many cast iron skillets. the 3ring binder of recipies and tips. the contiual trips in the clearance isle for MORE camp gear, the menu planning that begins the first week of January(post Christmas of course), the lists( oh the lists), but you know what? The trips go off with out a hithch the meals are beyond awesome, and everybody gets torelax for a week in the river. Doesnt’t get better than that.

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