Cricket Trailer- Hop Into The Outdoors With This Compact Camper

Small CamperHave you seen a Cricket Trailer?  If not, this is your lucky day.  The Cricket Trailer is a compact camper for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy, well…being outdoors.

You won’t find all the luxuries found in a full size RV.  So if you are looking for a camper with a television, satellite, porch awning, full kitchen and microwave, this is not the camper for you.

What does the Cricket Trailer offer?  The Cricket Trailer is a quick and easy way to get to the great outdoors.

Really cute.

Really compact.

Ready to go when you are.

The Cricket Trailer was developed by Garrett Finney, who is a former NASA architect.  While at NASA, he worked on the “habitation module” where astronauts eat, sleep and bathe.  He also enjoys camping and the great outdoors.  Do you see where this is going?

Former NASA Architect       +       Love of Camping     =    Cricket Trailer

Right!  So Finney develops a lightweight, compact camper that can be towed by your car (the one you have now).  In fact, all 6-cylinder and many 4-cylinder vehicles have the towing capacity needed to tow a cricket trailer.

Pulling a Cricket Trailer

There are 2 different models.  Folding Couch model has a couch that folds out into a bed and is a good size for a solo camper or a cozy couple.   The V-Berth Model sleeps 2 campers, but can sleep up to 4 if you add the optional kids attic.

Features include a roof that pops up for more head room,  under bed storage and kitchen cabinet.

Options include an AC unit, Kids Attic, 12V refrigerator,  hand shower and water heater.

Cricket Camper Inside

Basically, this little camper is for people who want a place to sleep (and maybe enjoy some AC).  This trailer is ideal for campers and backpackers who will be spending a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, swimming, etc…  And while you are engaged in these activities, you have a place to store some of your equipment while you are away.  Setup is easy so you have more time to explore the outdoors.

Exploring the outdoors while camping… that’s an interesting concept.  Do you think it will catch on?

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


If you would like to learn more about Cricket Trailers, click here to visit their website.

Photos came from the manufacturer’s website with their approval.

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  1. Christopher Sorel says:

    looks very cool

  2. Outdoor momaroo says:

    Lots of $$$$!

  3. Love the trailer, I have never seen this one before. I have been converted from a tent camper, to enjoying the ability to simply pull into a site and be ready to go out and play, no set up required.

    • Campy Mom says:

      We love tent camping, but I do like to look at the little camper trailers. When we are setting up our tent and it is getting dark or it’s raining, we start thinking about a little camper trailer… :)

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