Dawg-E-Tent: Dog Camping Solution or Silliness


Dawg-E-Tent by Lucky Dog

Do you have a Dawg-E-Tent for your camping dog or do you use a different pup tent?

When I first saw the Dawg-E-Tent, I thought what the heck?  Does a dog need his own camping tent?  How silly is that?  If you are willing to buy your dog his own tent, your dog is probably sleeping in the tent with you anyway.

Sure many campers bring their dogs with them camping, but I didn’t realize that some dogs have their own canine camping tent.  Why?  Maybe  you can use a little camping tent for an outside dog that you don’t want to leave at home or kennel while you camp. In that case,  it would make a little more sense.  The dog tents are portable, collapse easily and some come with a carrying bag (according to the manufacturer).

The Dawg-E-Tent comes with a zippered screened door, a fleece mat, is water-resistant and features  pop-up assembly.

Of course, my favorite thing about the Dawg-E-Tent is the name.  You have to admit, it’s a cute name.  Dawg-E-Tent is printed on the packaging for this tent.  When I attempted to look up the Dawg-E-Tent online, I couldn’t find it.  They call it a Portable Dog House.  That’s not cute.  They really need to stick with the Dawg-E-Tent.  You can find this tent at Home Depot or on Amazon.

I wonder if they make s’more flavored dog treats?

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


So let’s hear from some dog owners.  What do you think?  Are these tents a camping solution or just plain silliness?  Where does your dog sleep while you are camping?

This is not a sponsored post. I just thought it was interesting.  Affiliate links may be present.

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  1. We love camping with our three year old boxer, Julep. She has her own “tent” that is actually a folding travel kennel that we always travel with. She is an inside dog and loves her kennel at home. She goes everywhere with us– even on a 4500 mile road trip to Montana in a Ford Mustang. Just us and the dog :)

    Keep up the great post!

  2. We have four dogs, but only the two bigger dogs are good to travel with. They tend to stay close by us on stops along the road and when out on hikes. The little ones are more independent. We always bring them in the tent with us. Both they and we wouldn’t want them out in their own tent. They provide some warmth and protection. It is also good to keep an eye on these two partners in crime. Best trip with them was a 2000 mile trek up the ALCAN Highway to a remote town on a beautiful lake in the Yukon. The mountains, the snow, the wildlife and the quiet..

  3. Our huge G.S.D. sleeps in the tent with us and will invariably take over one of our mattress pads. So we find ourselves sleeping on a hard ground! I think she would whine her head off if she was stuck in her own tent. She likes her people.
    Although I think the idea of a Dawg-E tent is cute.

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