Discussion- The Perfect Day at the Campsite


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Tiffany loves tent camping and knows how to bait a hook.

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  1. Up before the kids, early morning hike, big breakfast, pack-up all your gear on a raft, float down a river, stop for lunch, swim in the river, float down the river, find a place to camp, swim, dinner, sunset hike, talk around the campfire, sleep… ahhhhh. Yes. Perfect.

  2. I think starting my day with the perfect cup of coffee (not too weak and not too “crunchy”!) while breathing in the cool autumn air (love the cooler temps)would be a good beginning. Playing with the kids around the campsite then kayaking around the lake (my younger daughter loving it and not screaming about it as she is prone to right now!). Eat a delicious dinner that I did not have to cook (thanks husband!) then going for an evening hike. Making smore’s around the campfire…telling stories. Kids in bags asleep by 9:30 and the rest of the night me and hubby alone by fire with the stars above……sipping on Great Lakes Beer or a good dry red wine. Ahhh…….

  3. Well,
    Camping with family is one the best thing, i love to do camping under the stars,Springs-Campground,Crooked-Creek-Campground and that’s my perfect camping trip which make up a perfect camping day for us.


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