DIY Tent Trailer

DIY Tent TrailerLet’s face it.  Most campers know how to think outside the box.  It’s part of the camping experience.  We try to do more with less.  So, when I came across this DIY tent trailer during a recent camping trip, I couldn’t help but smile.

Sure these folks could’ve bought a tent trailer but that would have cost them between $2500-$8500.   Instead they put their creative juices to work.  The result is cute, creative and functional.  Way to go, guys!

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


What do you think about this DIY tent trailer?  Do you have an inventive idea for camping?  Share it on our Facebook page here.

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  1. I’ve seen tents put onto ATV trailers but not on a truck bed. That is very creative.

  2. That would keep you off of the ground at least. In Alaska, I tend to worry about bears and I don’t think this would give much protection!

  3. That looks like a great way to camp! Just don’t forget you’re up high when you wake up and walk off the truck bed.

  4. Very DIY. Haha. It will be an adventure camping in that. Kinda high and you might hurt yourself if you forget the elevation and walk straight out. Some plastic steps perhaps?

  5. Haha, I love this! Campers are an ingenious bunch aren’t they?

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