The Downside of Camping

Camping DownsideFeatureI love camping and all the wonderful activities that accompany it.  But there is a downside of camping which is the part I love most of all.  In a world that is always plugged in and moving at a break-neck pace, camping offers a gentle reprieve.  After all, everyone needs a little downtime.

History of Downtime

In the good ol’ days we knew all about downtime.  We had something called white noise and static that you would sometimes find on the television.

Who remembers watching the flag fly and hearing the Star Spangled Banner as the television channels went off the air?

Downside of Camping

If you weren’t home, you just missed the phone call.  No one left a voice mail, sent you a text and called your other phone.

Now thanks to smart phones, computers, video games and other devices, downtime is virtually unheard of amongst the younger generation.

What’s so great about downtime?

When you unplug from video games and electronics, you can embrace your creative side.

You have time to relax.

You can think about your goals, hopes and dreams.

Camping Brings Back Downtime

In our family, when we go camping, we unplug from our electronics.  Sure, we have a few exceptions.  The adults bring smart phones for safety purposes and we do love the Skyview App which helps us locate specific stars and planets in the night sky.

Things You May Observe Around the Campsite

Your kids start making up their own games.


Siblings playing together.

Older kids looking around for the perfect stick to whittle.  During periods of downtime, whittling makes a comeback.

Kids are laughing, running, playing and riding bikes.


When attention moves away from electronics, people start noticing other things around them.  Trees.  Wildlife.  Stars.  My gosh, where are we?  Oh, yeah we’re camping:)

In a world that’s always up, it’s so refreshing to enjoy the downside of camping.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Now just because we unplug while we camp doesn’t mean we aren’t plugged in most of the time.  I am a blogger, you know.  Most of the time you can find me here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest.  Follow me for more camping fun.

Photo Credit: retro portable televison on a pier © xavier gallego morel –

 How do you like to spend your downtime while camping?

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Loves tent camping and fishing with her husband and three crazy, camping kids. It's all fun & games until someone leaves the tent unzipped...

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  1. What a great post! Getting the kids unplugged is such a challenge–but I’m continually amazed at how quickly my girls forget about “the screens” when they’re distracted in nature! :-)

  2. Thanks, TJ. Nature is a great distraction (& one of my favorites). ;)

  3. Good thing about camping is that it gives your family a bonding time, it lets your kids be out of their comfort zone. Another thing is that they learn new things.

  4. downtime and camping: quality life away from electronics – I like that! and awareness. awareness of surroundings, wild life, nature and ourselves! so that peace can come and find us while we can recognize it :) you write so good! I just love it!

  5. We like swimming in a lake, playing on the beach, or just hanging out around the fire when we aren’t biking/hiking somewhere. Hope to get more into fishing next year too!

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