Duct Tape’s New Image- More Uses, Crafts and A Boat

Duct Tape CraftWhat’s up with duct tape? The fix-all for the past 70 years has new uses including crafts and fashions.  Can you believe it?

And that’s not all.  This decidedly manly tape has dropped its cold grey image.  Well, it’s still available in grey, but now you can also find it in bright colors and crazy patterns, including hounds-tooth, animal print, paint splattered and more.  There is even duct tape to match your favorite college team.

Duct tape has always been pretty amazing.

Need to hold together your Oldsmobile?

Remove a wart?

Save some money on waxing your legs?

No problem.  I’ve even seen it used to hem up a little girl’s dress.

But now people are using this dolled up duct tape to make crafts and fashions.  My own daughter has used it to make wallets, purses, bracelets and more.

Duct Tape Craft

How did she do it?  Basically, she covered a loose leaf piece of paper with duct tape on both sides.  Now that she had a sturdy material, she went to work making duct tape crafts and fashions.  They are all the rage on runways in elementary school cafeterias everywhere.  I have even seen it used to make dresses.

Of course,  that had me wondering what a good outdoorsman or DIY’er could do with a little duct tape and some time. Sure enough, the guys at MythBusters devoted an entire show to duct tape.  They made a 2 person sailboat with duct tape and a wire frame.  To see them in action, click here.

So now the tape that can fix anything…can now make anything.  Amazing.

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


How do you use duct tape?  Have you made anything cool with duct tape lately?


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