Fall Family Treats That Will Leave You Mummified

fall family treats to leave you mummifiedDo you have left over hot dogs from camping?  Why not make mummy dogs? They are wonderful fall family treats.

How’s that for a segue?  I know.  It’s a reach.  But I just love fall.  And my kids love mummy dogs.  They are a fall tradition at our house.

I found the recipe on Pillsbury.com several years ago and we have been making them every year since then.  All you need is a can of Pillsbury crescents, cheese slices and hot dog wienies.

Mummy dogs are great for Halloween parties or just a fun Halloween meal with the kids. We made them last night and watched Halloween shows.  My older kids wanted to make their own mummy dogs.  Big Brother made a Darth Vader mummy dog.  Middle Sis made a girl mummy dog.

Good times!  And the tradition continues.

I’ll see ya by the campfire!


What are some of your family’s fall traditions?  What are some fall family treats that you enjoy?

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