Fishing Rodeo- Round Up Some Good Times For Your Kids

Fishing Rodeo

Round up some good times for your kids by taking them to a fishing rodeo. Fishing rodeos are fun and easy ways to introduce and encourage kids to fish. Many rodeos allow kids to fish in a lake that has been recently stocked with fish which improves the kids’ chances of catching a fish. Volunteers are on hand to assist the kids.

We recently took our kids to a fishing rodeo in Georgia. What a great time!

Now I know that all fishing rodeos are different, but this is an example of how they organized the event in Georgia.

The event was free. YeHaw! Maybe that is why they call it a rodeo. It gets you talking funny right from the start.

The fishing rodeo was BYOB. Bring your own bait and fishing rod and reel or cane pole (my kids fish with a Zebco┬« rod and reel. It’s easy to use and durable. I had a Zebco rod and reel when I was a kid). You provide your child’s fishing gear and the event organizers provide a place to fish and improved odds of catching a fish (no alcohol was allowed at this event).

The chances of catching a fish were greatly improved. The lake was stocked with 2500-3000 trout prior to the rodeo. Let’s face it. It’s easier to get kids to enjoy fishing if they are catching fish.

The event was for children 2 through 15 years only.

Lots of volunteers were on hand to assist the little fishermen. Members of the Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited walked around welcoming families, giving fishing tips and encouraging the kids. Their presence was a big factor in the success of this event.

The fishing rodeo wrap up included hot dogs, chips and cupcakes for the kids. Very nice.

The kids were sent home with a goody bag and many kids won a door prize. I believe the website mentioned a rod and reel as the door prize. Well, apparently they had some amazing sponsors for this event because approximately 15 rods and reels were given away as door prizes, in addition to many other fishing accessories. The young fishermen went home very happy.

Benefits of taking your kids fishing:

  • Quality family time.
  • Encourages kids to get away from their screens (computer, TV, gaming devices, etc…) and to get into the great outdoors.
  • Allows kids to soak up some Vitamin D (mamas like that).
  • A little time in nature leads to more time in nature.
  • It’s FUN!!

Many State Parks and National Parks offer fishing rodeos. Check the Internet to find a fishing rodeo near you. Other names for a fishing rodeo include fishing derby or kids fishing tournament. These websites are a great place to start:

US Forest Service

National Park Service

America’s Parks

Georgia State Parks

Until next time, I’ll see ya around the campfire.



For ideas on how to get your child proficient at casting a rod and reel and learn a fun fishing game, see my post Bucket Fishing- Teach Your Child To Fish.

Quick shout out to all the wonderful people who made the Nancytown Lake Fishing Rodeo a huge success this past weekend. I was very impressed with the organization of the event, all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors and the participation of these groups at the event itself. You guys ROCK!

USDA Forest Service Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest on the Chattooga River Ranger District

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Reeves Ace Hardware Store

For a complete list of the awesome sponsors, contact the event’s organizers.

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  1. Not that I’m biased, but I am super partial to all the Georgia State Parks. ;-)

  2. I have yet to take my kids fishing – but it’s on our summer bucket list! I think we’ll check out a local spot that caters to kids, sorta like what you describe here. Kids are super excited!

  3. These sound fabulous. We don’t have them in Australia (I don’t think – will be checking it out) Thanks

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