Fun Ways to Keep Cool on Hot Days While Camping

Today’s camping blog post is a guest post by Brian Prosinecki who shares with us some fun ways to keep cool while camping.

Camping is such a wonderful and fulfilling summer activity! Aside from quality time with your family, camping gets you back in touch with nature and opens the door to tons of adventures that you can’t find in traditional urban life. But if there’s one thing that can really ruin your camping trip, it’s hot weather. Here are ways you can beat the heat and keep cool while camping in the hottest part of summer.

Keep Cool While Camping1. Make A Splash- Few things are colder than mountain spring water! Hike up your pants, lose your shoes, and splash around in a shallow mountain stream to keep cool.

2. Stay Hydrated- Alcohol and soda can make your thirst worse, so beat the heat with a cool bottle of water.

3. Use Batteries- A great thing to take camping with you is a portable battery powered fan.

4. Use the Sun- A solar powered fan is a great way to stay cool when you’re camping off of the grid.

5. Skip the Afternoon Hike- Engaging in strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day is the quickest way to make yourself sick. Keep an eye out for the signs of dehydration, and chill out in the shade in the afternoon instead.

6. Take A Field Trip- Exploring a cave or heading deeper into a forested area are as close as you can get to outdoor air conditioning. Take advantage of it!

7. Put it on Ice- Before you go camping, freeze bottles of water, athletic drinks, and juice. Stock your ice chest with ice and these frozen drinks to keep cool in even the hottest weather.

8. Capture Condensation- Wrap your water bottle or ice chest in bandanas to soak up condensation and make a cool face wipe for yourself.

9. Avoid Hot Foods- Let your food cool to a not-quite-hot temperature prior to eating. Hot foods will only make you feel hotter.  10. Cover Up- Wear loose, thin cotton clothing and a wide brimmed hat to shield your skin from the sun. This will help you keep cool and stay comfortable.

Camping can be a great experience, but getting overheated isn’t fun for anyone. These ten tips can help you keep cool and comfortable throughout your camping trip, even if you happen to run into an unexpected heat wave. Happy camping!

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Brian Prosinecki is a recent graduate of Creative Writing at Concordia University.  He currently works as a freelance writer in Montreal, Canada, and enjoys spending his weekends outdoors. 

How do you keep cool while camping?

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  1. Spent one night camping in one heck of a hot spot in northern California last week. Wish I’d had these tips then. :-) (Luckily we were exploring caves, so we managed to stay cool.)

  2. Dianne Edwards says:

    Great ideas…especially #8. Plastic quart and half-gallon milk bottles make great freezer
    chest “ice cubes” too. As they melt, you have ice water.

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    These are great tips to remember. We are heading out camping tomorrow and I am going to go freeze some water bottles right now!

  4. These are great tips. I once went hiking without water–only a large Dr. Pepper and nearly died. Fortunately, an older fellow at a campsite gave me some water. I am grateful to him to this day!

  5. How do you keep cool while camping?

    I had to smile at that final sentence, here in the UK it’s more a case of ‘How do you keep warm while camping’ and perhaps more to the point ‘how do you keep dry’.

    It’s good to see you have had some great weather and been able to enjoy it.

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