Geocaching is Catching On

Geocaching is catching onGeocaching is really catching on.   Over 5 million people enjoy geocaching worldwide, even though geocaching was just introduced in the year 2000.   You won’t believe who is geocaching now.

Did you know the Boy Scouts of America now have a Merit Badge for geocaching?  This Merit Badge was introduced in 2010.  For more info, visit


Geocaching is also very popular in Georgia State Parks.   As part of the Georgia State Parks Geo-Challenge 46 caches have been hidden in 43 parks.  In fact, by June 29th,2011 over  2000 geocachers had made 9264 finds on 46 Georgia State Park geocaches.

As an added bonus, in Georgia State Parks, if you complete a specific number of caches, you can receive a custom geo-coin.



  • with 15 completed caches, you are eligible for a bronze level coin.
  • with 30 completed caches, you are eligible for a bronze level coin.
  • with 40 completed caches, you are eligible for a gold level coin.

For details, see


Geocaching has also jumped on The Dinosaur Train.  If you have preschoolers, you know all about The Dinosaur Train.  The Dinosaur Train is a show on PBS produced by the Jim Henson Company.  It features cartoon dinosaurs who ride on a train. During the show, kids are taught about different types of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Train geocaches are being hidden nationwide in museums, zoos and aquariums.  These geocaches feature a dinosaur and educational information about the dinosaur.  For info, visit

If you would like to search for the Dinosaur Train geocaches or any geocache, simply visit  to get started.

The popularity of geocaching continues to climb.  Who knows where you will find a geocache next?

I’ll see ya by the campfire.



photo 1– Nene way-Simsey Island by pgoulbou

photo 2–Georgia State Park Geo-coins

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  1. Loved being a boy scout! I’d rejoin just to get this merit badge. Love the site.

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