Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit- As Seen On The Walking Dead

When it comes to camping, we talk a lot about being prepared.  Now, thanks to Gerber Legendary Blades®  you can be prepared for anything… even an Apocalypse.

The Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit goes on sale December 5th (pre-orders are being taken now).  This is the kit seen on The Walking Dead on AMC.  Remember the scene where the little boy is looking through the cars and finds a zombie with a machete in his lap?  The little boy practically climbs into the zombie’s lap trying to get the big knife loose.  The whole time you’re on the edge of your seat, while a voice in your head is screaming,

“Get out of there, kid!  That zombie is going to wake up and get you!”

If you remember, there was more than just a machete.  There were actually several huge knives and a carrying case, that Carl was able to steal from the zombie.  Now you, too, can have your very own Apocalypse Survival Kit and you don’t even have to climb into a zombie’s lap to get it (now that’s a good deal)!

The Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit comes with a Gator Machete, Camp Axe II, Gator Machete Pro, Parang, DMF Folder and Epic.  These come in a durable canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching.  You know how important that can be when a you come up on a group of walkers (the undead– not just random hikers). 

But don’t take my word for it!  Head on over to the Gerber website to see all the knives and their specs in this over-the-top survival kit.  Don’t forget to read all the reviews! They are hilarious!

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  1. Eddie Apoc says:

    Blatant product Placement. That kind of garbage ruins shows.

  2. Yeah, but that kind of garbage is what pays money so that the show can make profit and continue to come on the air.

  3. Enjoyed reading your post Tiffany! I did not realize you were a blogger. We used to camp and loved it. I sold the RV when my four year old was two. He was a very active toddler and we liked to camp lakeside.
    Michelle recently posted..Did you know? Shift happens!My Profile

  4. I have no problem with product placement, but all these blades are made of 440 High Carbon Steel, the same steel used in throw-away cheap knives made in China. These are pretty much toys for adults. And if there were a zombie apocalypse (and it’s coming) the edges will go dull by the third walker brain.

    You want to fight zombies? AUS steel and tool steel will hold up longer.

  5. i watch that show religiously and i have never seen that xD ima have to go back and look for it now ’cause it’s gonna bug the crap out of me until i do.
    Jenny recently posted..Google Friend Connect says Adios Amigos!My Profile

  6. I never saw this on the show, but now I wants it. ;-)

    It’s true, though, this kind of stuff really helps make the show possible. Now can they get off Hershel’s farm already? LOL!

    If you want a laugh, take a look at this thing I just made, “If Walking Dead Zombies Were on Facebook.”


  7. Strange. I always thought those blades look cool though! lol


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