Get Your Shift Together-Time to Organize Your Camping Equipment

It’s that time!  Time to cull, clean and organize you camping equipment storage box.

Winter is a good time to take a close look at your camping equipment and camping supplies.

Cull your equipment. If it’s broken, fix it or trash it.

Take inventory of your camping equipment. What equipment do you have? What equipment do you need?  What camping equipment has you obsessed?  You know, the gear you just gotta have!  The equipment that will make your camping trip so much easier and revolutionize camping in your world, thereby, making you the ultimate camping machine. You know…obsessing.

Shop the sales.  Now that you know what you have and what you need, be on the lookout.  Winter time is a good time to find sales on camping gear.

Clean and organize your camping box.  We store and take a war chest with us camping.  Most of our necessary camping equipment call this box home.  On the camping day, we throw that bad boy in the truck. That’s easy packing.  Of course, there’s always more stuff to get together, but our war chest is always ready.

And now you are ready.  The next time the mood strikes, you will be ready to camp.  Of course, after culling, organizing and buying camping equipment,  you are probably already in the mood to camp.  ;)

Sounds good to me! I’ll see ya by the campfire.



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  1. Dianne Edwards says:

    I always clean and evaluate my camping equipment when we get home from a camping trip. I use plastic tubs. I have one for cooking equipment, another for plastic dishes (wash tubs fit in the bottom), one for miscellaneous (clothesline and pins, matches, firestarters, hammer, axe, tent stakes, aluminum foil, LOTS of plastic bags of all sizes, saranwrap, paper plates for picnics, 2 rolls of paper towels, TP, baby wipes, can of Lysol spray, sewing and first aid kits, shims to level stove or a picnic table, rubberbands, plastic tablecloths,nails, etc., and another tub with extra blankets. I keep our sleeping bags in king sized pillow cases, and made canvas bags to keep our tents. We have a large truck, so when we pack, the tarps go on the floor bed and everything else goes on top of them. Our groceries are packed in ice chests and cardboard boxes that can be recycled or burned as things are used up. The tail gate of the truck makes a great place to set up wash tubs to wash pots, pans and dirty dishes (not to mention dirty campers and laundry!) I have made
    “check lists” for each tub. We have been camping every summer for over 30 years, and this system has saved a lot of time and worry about forgetting something.

    Love your site; happy camping!!

  2. Campy Mom says:

    Dianne, you have camping organization skills down to a science. I have a main checklist, but I have never made checklists for each tub. That is a great idea. I do have my plastic totes color coded based on what it contains, for example cooking supplies are kept in the red tote.

    We recently quit taking our truck. We now bring our SUV. We don’t have a tailgate anymore. You kind of forget how much you use it for a little table, until you don’t have it.

    Thanks so much for all your great tips. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us!

    • Dianne Edwards says:

      You are more than welcome! Living in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA.), I find that having all the camping gear ready to go and accessible is great “preventive medicine” in case of a bad earthquake. At first, the check-lists may seem like over-kill, but they save so much time in the long run.

  3. Thanks for the tips and the reminder. I really need to go through our gear and get it in order.
    Traci recently posted..Easy and Diverse Family Hike: Nature Trail at Caspers Wilderness ParkMy Profile

  4. Camping organization used to frustrate me to no end. It didn’t help that we brought everything ever designed for camping. Then while looking through a Sierra Trading Post catalog we found this item.

    We decided on the Kelty version,

    We haven’t looked back since. Works great and we don’t have to unload everything, just chose the bag(s) we need for the day or whatever. Helps keep our site organized.
    Jayson recently posted..Guest Post: A Wife’s PerspectiveMy Profile

    • Campy Mom says:

      Thanks for the tip. I followed the link and that bag does look cool. I like the bags for the inside. Now that is organized!

    • I just recently got a Kelty Binto Hauler and I know I’ll probably get things figured out once we start packing for our trip next week, but I’m curious as to what you put in the bins. I’m an organization nut and this product appealed to me in every way shape and form, so when we saw it on we jumped! I’ve just been looking at the thing for a few weeks and can’t figure out what to put in the packs (I think I may have too many options)! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      Triana recently posted..out of commissionMy Profile

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