Gift Ideas For Little Campers: Camping Lantern

Are you looking for gift ideas for the little camper in your life?  All campers need a good camping lantern.  Why not get your child a lantern of their own?

Fisher-Price®Fun to Imagine! Camping Lantern.  This adorable camping lantern and play set is more about pretend play than actual camping.  If you take the lantern apart, it becomes a play set with a canteen, skillet with lid/plate, fried egg, bacon, folding utensils, griddle and lantern. The lantern does light up and you can fill up the canteen.  Recommended for kids 3 years and up.  Requires 2AA batteries. It  weighs 1.8 lbs.

The Fisher-Price camping lantern would be a great way to keep your child entertained at the campsite.  Or your child could pretend to camp while at home.  Just add a blanket and chair fort and they would be ready to go!


HABA® Terra Kids Camping Light.  The Terra Kids camping light is a very durable lantern, which does not require batteries.  Just wind the crank to power the five bright LED bulbs.  This light features a built-in compass and a padded handle.  It also comes with a whistle and metal clip. The Terra Kids Camping Light is 9.5″  X  4.5″ and is recommended for kids 4 years old and up.

The Terra Kids Camping Light is a real working lantern.  In the reviews, many people were impressed with its’ durability, which is so important for kids.  The splash of bright colors and the whistle add interest to this kid-friendly lantern.


Coleman® 4D LED Camp Lantern.  This is a Coleman Lantern– the real deal.  Coleman has an impeccable reputation in camping gear.  This is a small and light weight lantern.  It is 9.5″  X  4.7″– a perfect size for little campers.  A great light for your child to carry around the campsite.  At home, my children keep their lanterns by their beds in case the electricity goes off.  In fact, we use  larger, rechargeable Coleman Lanterns to light the rooms of our home during power outages instead of candles.  They emit a lot of light and they are safer than lit candles.

The Coleman Lantern is not as cutesy as some of the children’s lanterns.  It is a real camping lantern.  This is not a lantern that they will soon outgrow or decide they are too old to carry.    And,as you know, kids like to have the same camping gear as Mom and Dad.

So, if you are looking for gift ideas for your little camper consider a camping lantern.  What a great way to keep your kids excited about camping and the outdoors.

I’ll see ya by the campfire!


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