Girly-Girl Camping Guide

Do you have a girly-girl friend that you would love to introduce to camping?  Most campers are so passionate about camping that they want to get their friends to camp also.  But how do you get a girly-girl out of the 5 star hotel and into the woods? 

This Girly-Girl Camping Guide will expose some common girly-girl traits and offer real-life solutions to getting these girls camping.

Girly-girls want to look their best at all times.  Make sure the RV, tent campsite or nearby bath house has electricity.  Allow her to bring a hairdryer, makeup and a cute hat.  Remind her that ponytails and caps are tres chic for camping.  Remember, this applies to her first camping trip.  On subsequent camping trips, hopefully, she will realize that if you spend too much time primping, the fish will stop biting.

Girly-girls do not pee in the woods.  Make sure facilities are nearby.

Girly-girls are unfamiliar with “roughin it.”  Allow a few creature comforts.  Bring a fan or heater.  An inflatable mattress is a must.

Don’t be too rigid with your stance on “roughin it.”  Many campers are very proud of the fact that they know how to rough it.  This is not a priority to the girly-girl.  If she wants to stop at the cute, little shop you passed coming to the campsite, by all means, just go with it.

Girly-girls do not like bugs.   Girly-girls should be instructed to bring plenty of bug spray, a long sleeve shirt and long pants for after dark.  Long pants (a term used by my husband and my 89 year old grandmother) also help keep you from getting eat up by mosquitoes.

When taking a girly-girl camping for the first time, keep the camping trip short and sweet.  Extended camping trips just invite disaster for first timers.  This first trip is all about easing  into the camping experience and making sure it is a fun time so she will want to return.

Most of all, keep it light and fun.  A lot of girly-girls have gone on to become super-cool, commando camping chicks!  But it all depends on that first camping trip!

I’ll see ya by the campfire!



 Are you a girly-girl or reformed girly-girl?  How has your opinion of camping changed since your first camping trip?

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Photo: Polka Dot Tea Party by Shandi-lee

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  1. Good article. My wife is a girly-girl. When we camp, we get a cabin for her and I sleep in a tent as I’m a roughin it type. I like to call it campromising.

  2. Campy Mom says:

    I like that! So I guess another tip would be let the girly-girl stay in a cabin.

  3. I’m a compete girly-girl, but love camping! It took a lot convincing to get me to go, but now that I’ve been a few times, I really enjoy it. I do require flush toilets at my campground, but that’s it. :)

  4. Three years ago I finally convinced my girly-girl best friend to join me on a camping trip. I told her we would be “glamping” (glamorous camping) and decorated my site with candles, flowers, lamps, etc… She loved it, and now comes with me every year in the Fall! It is our favorite trip each year. This year I even convinced her to go on an extended nature hike!

  5. I found myself smiling at the thought of doing many of these things, but had to remind myself that I am NOT a girly girl and that my girly girl friends probably would like to try to reform me a bit (I’d like to see a reverse guide on how to get a camping girl to be a girly girl! :)

  6. Girly-Girls will pee in the outdoors if it beats peeing their pants. I’ve known girly-girl geologist and archaeologists. Peeing outdoors is an option, just, please let us shower at the end of the day or have access to some water, soap and a bucket or larger pot to wash so we don’t contaminate the lake or stream (even better if we get to warm the water on the camp stove or fire :-)


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