Glampers Dream- Fanciest Camping Tent Trailer Ever

Glampers will be amazed when they see this luxury camping tent trailer.  If you are looking for glamorous camping, this is it.  The Opera is an amazing camping innovation.

The Opera resembles the Sydney Opera House.  It is gorgeous and airy looking on the outside, with incredible features on the inside.

Opera camping

Opera Features

  • Teak Veranda.
  • 2 electrically adjustable beds that can be transformed into 1 bed.
  • A boiler supplies warm water to the kitchen.
  • Exterior shower.
  • Heated.
  • Ceramic Toilet.
  • Top loading refrigerator.

And the  Opera doesn’t have tent lines to the ground.  I love that!

Traveling to the campsite

The Opera was sold for more than 2 years in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia.  The last one came off the production line in March 2012.  Due to the economy and relatively low sales, production was stopped.

But don’t worry.  The owners have not completely given up on the dream.  Hopefully, the right investors will come along and this little luxury camping tent will be back in production.  And maybe it could even come to this side of the pond.  Until then…we’ll be waiting.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


What do you think about the Opera?

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  1. I like that! I’ve been thinking about looking for a popup camper :) I think I’ll stick with the more traditional ones though.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I totally want one!! I can easily go the other route, but if someone was to offer me one of these…I would LIVE in it!! Nice find. The last time we went camping, we saw a Silver Bullet (Airstream) that was completely tricked out. Not great with kids, but when they are older, why not have a little luxury?!? ;)

  3. Donna Jean Baker says:

    I like the way it is shaped! very cute!

  4. Michael & Donna Douglas says:

    A little too fancy-schmancy for my taste. I would be afraid fellow campers would look at it and call me a “snob”.

  5. Oh my goodness, ceramic toilet–it is fancy schmancy! As much as I love toilets, the VW Camper Van Tent is more our style ;)

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