Indoor Camping- Fun Family Night Activity

indoor campingAs you know, I love to camp, especially tent camping.  But sometimes you just can’t get to the campsite.  Maybe bad weather is to blame.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Between the kid’s activities, our careers and our other adult responsibilities,  finding time to travel to our favorite campsite can be difficult.  That’s when you should consider indoor camping.  Sure it’s not nearly the same as the real thing, but indoor camping is a fun family night activity.

The key to indoor camping is to really get into it.  Otherwise, it’s just sleeping in the living room.  Treat it like a real camping trip.  Here’s some tips to get you on the right track.

Indoor Camping Tips

Setup your indoor tent in the living room.  These days a lot of kids have the little pop up tents for play time.  And real tents are very inexpensive, especially the small ones.  Another option is to have your kids design an old fashioned chair and sheet tent.

Break out the sleeping bags.  If you are going to have a camp out, do it right.  My kids like to bring their small camping lanterns into the tent as well.

Plan your camping food and snacks.  We like to have hot dogs because we eat them at least once while at the campsite.

For dessert, the kids can make their own Worm Dirt Dessert.  It looks like a container of fishing worms.  This dessert allows the kids to be creative and it tastes good, too.

Of course, you can always make s’mores.  Now I know that this goes against the camping code, but I hear that you can make  s’mores in the microwave.  Have the kids assemble their s’more with 2 graham crackers, a chocolate candy bar square and a jumbo marshmallow.  Microwave the pre-assembled s’more for 20 seconds.  These s’mores turn out really good because the chocolate melts well.  I mean… that’s what I hear.

There is also a fabulous s’more bars recipe over at Lillian McKay Designs. Yummy!

Don’t forget the shadow show.  Turn out the lights in room.  With flashlights, each person attempts to make their best shadows.

Other indoor camping activities:  ghost stories, uno or other card games, board games or a contest to see who can tell the most creative story.

Build a campfire. Build a fire in the fireplace or have your children make their own crafty campfire.

So next time your camping plans go awry, don’t panic.  Plan an indoor camping trip.  Your kids will love it.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.



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  1. Love this idea! I also suggest to parents that for a fun way to liven up dull winter days they can spread a blanket in the living room, turn on the beach music, and have picnic food for dinner…maybe even dress in shorts and sandals, as long as the heat in the house is turned up. :)
    Vivian Kirkfield recently posted..At Times, I Am A TurtleMy Profile

  2. Great tips, I remember as a child we used to have indoor camp outs all the time!

    Thanks for the shout out!! :-)
    Samantha @ Lillian McKay recently posted..Merry ChristmasMy Profile

  3. Campy Mom says:

    No problem! Love your cooking and craft ideas. There are so many I want to try.

  4. I just came across this today. We love camping but had not done it in several years til this past summer when my oldest daughter and I decided to take my 3 granddaughters over the Labor Day weekend. We didn’t get to go anymore after that because of the weather getting too cold. Needless to say though, we WILL be going again this year!!! We’re always saying, I can’t wait to go camping again”! And as a matter of fact, two of my Granddaughters were just in the livingroom yesterday evening pretending to go with setting up blankets for the tent. And bringing in sticks to pretend to have a fire! I will be using this site for ideas. Thank you!!

    • Campy Mom says:

      Nothing beats a good blanket and chair tent! I have an old post (Preparing For Camping Memories) that lists some of the crazy kid stuff we do while camping. One thing is the banana that always ends up on the roof of our tent during the night. There’s always a lot of speculation as to how it gets there. Maybe a friendly monkey that has escaped from a traveling circus?? Lots of stories have surfaced over the years ;)

      Thanks for coming by! You will have to keep us posted on how your next camping trip goes.


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