Life Lessons Learned From Footloose

Footloose Taught Life LessonsThe remake of Footloose just hit the theatres and I am pumped.  Many people believe Footloose is just a campy, teeny-bopper movie.  I disagree.  The original Footloose, starring Kevin Bacon, taught  many life lessons about tolerance, politics and self-confidence.

Lessons Footloose Taught Us

1.  There can be partial nudity in movies.  This is a silly lesson to be learned, I know.  But I was in 6th grade when I went to see Footloose for the first time.  I was attending a friend’s birthday party.  When we caught a glimpse of a bare butt during the locker room scene, our eyes got big and giggling broke out.  My friend’s mom called all of our moms to apologize.  Seeing a boy’s naked butt in a movie for the first time is something a girl never forgets, ranking up there with the first kiss.

2.  Footloose taught us to accept other people’s differences.  OR  The knight in shining armour can drive a VW.  In the town where I grew up, the good guys drove trucks.  Actually, the bad guys drove trucks, too.  The guys who didn’t have a vehicle, rode a bicycle and pretended it was a truck.

So, imagine our surprise when Kevin Bacon showed up on-screen looking like he looked, doing what he did and driving… a Volkswagen— Whaaaat??

3.  In politics, you need a big crowd of support if you are seeking to make a change, but if the group you bring is not old enough to vote, you are just wasting your time.  Remember the ever-so-dramatic scene where Ren (Bacon) presents a petition and delivers a heartfelt speech at the Town Council Meeting, cheered on by hordes of teenagers?  Well, I guess we all learned a lesson there.

4 Male gymnasts can be sexy.  I have always known that male gymnasts were athletic, but I never really considered them sexy.  All that changed as Kevin flipped, dipped and sweated all around a warehouse.  If I ever write a romance novel, the hero will be either a rugged cowboy or a sweaty gymnast (thanks, Kevy-Baby).

 5.  A brunette can steal the show.  Who didn’t love Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose?  In a world of bombshell blondes, she stole the show as a cute brunette.  She then went on to make an even bigger name for herself in other movies.

6.  Small chested women can be confident and beautiful.  The heroine in Footloose could have been the President of the IBT committee (not the dance committee).  And yet this girl wore tank tops and exuded confidence.  Growing up, she was my go-to girl.  If she could be confident, so could I.  What was her name?



Well, that’s just wrong.  The world still has a long way to go.  Her name was Lori Singer, by the way.

Lessons the Characters From Footloose Should Have Learned

Although, many lessons were learned by watching Footloose, the characters on-screen still had a lot to learn.  While everyone was trying to protect the teens from the evils of dancing, who knows what was going on behind the barns, in the gravel pits and down the dirt roads (just a little observation from a small town girl).

Could it be that the adults were so caught up with the blatant problems of the town (prevent dancing and never accept anyone from a different background) that they failed to see the real problems lurking in the shadows?  Wow, that was pretty deep for a blog about Footloose.  More on that in a future blog.

Let’s Dance!!!

Hopefully, I’ll get to go see the remake of Footloose this weekend.  I am keeping my expectations low.  How can you remake a pop culture icon?  But, I bet the music will be great.  And, who knows, maybe a new generation will get to experience the fun, the music and the lessons of Footloose.

I’ll see you by the campfire!


Thanks for allowing me to go off on a tangent.  More on camping with kids to come!


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  1. Hey, nice diversion! Footloose was definitely not my thing (maybe bare Bacon butt effected me differently!), but I just might have to see the remake now! I think you’ve inspired me to write a review of The Big Year now.

  2. Hey Tiff! Love reading your blog! Can’t wait to see the movie too!


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